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Thread: VOIP call quality comparison

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    VOIP call quality comparison

    Currently there are many many different voip apps available to be used.

    We have google voice, using its hangout, there is also whatsapp, there is the wifi calling that different carriers are including, and many others, skype also comes to mind, and many many more.

    I wish to hear your experience with these.
    The call quality, the static, the delay in connecting, the times its lagged, the times its dropped.

    This will make it easier for people to decide which voip app they should use to better connect with others.

    Thanks for your input

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    Sorry to dig up an old thread, but since noone else answered I guess I will.

    it's more an issue of your bandwith than theirs, but you'll have packet loss reguardless of which you use, and some voip providers use cheaper grey routes to save money at the cost of call quality.

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    I have no problems with Google Voice which is the place our old home is currently parked. Vonage was good when I used them in the past but horrible to port out from to another provider.

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