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    Reach Antenna Signal Booster for iPhone 7

    Bought one for my iPhone 7. Read the reviews and it's either the greatest thing or a pile of garbage. Since Best Buy offered a 2 week money back guarantee, I decided to try it. Been using it now for 2 weeks and for me it's great. A couple areas where I didn't have service, I have 1 dot. Where I had 1, I now have 2-3. Still quite a few areas of no coverage and I know that aside from one of those car top signal boosters that go for $500-$1000, I'm not expecting it to make a signal "appear." Maybe the iPhone 8 will resolve the reception issues.

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    I cant find one for iPhone 7

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    I bought two of them from BB in the past. I use field test mode and thoroughly tested them for about a month. Did absolutely nothing. No increase in signal by even 2 db. Then I moved on to pong cases and once again nothing.

    The dots you believe you're seeing is just coincidence. Go into field test mode and you'll see no improvement.

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