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Thread: Free Sprint Service for 1 year

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    Quote Originally Posted by wr2m View Post
    Question.....My account went live approx, 30 hours ago. Im using a Verizon Iphone 5S , cell service here in NW NJ seems ok so far, similar to my vzw 6s Plus that runs on Verizon. My only negative observation so far is the slow data speeds, Speedtest says 8.36 mbps down and 6.65 up is the best Ive seen. Is my poor speed due to the older Apple device I'm using or just the area I travel and live in....
    The A1533 Verizon iPhone 5S only has one of the Sprint LTE bands - band 25, 1900 MHz. You are doing well to get 8 Mbps on only band 25. The best I have ever seen on my band 25 only phone is 7 Mbps. I usually get 2-4 Mbps.

    For better data speed on Sprint you need a phone that also has bands 26 and 41, and an area where those bands are used.

    The next step down for Sprint is EVDO. You will be lucky to get 2 Mbps out of that.

    I actually find 2-4 Mbps plenty to do what I need to do, but it doesn't make for very impressive speed tests. In daily life, I don't care about speed tests. No one I know has ever asked what mobile data speed I get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holysmoke99 View Post
    YMMV, I was told I have to wait 120 days to swap. I asked for a supervisor who said 120 days until swap. I said what if I drop phone in water tomorrow, they both said I'd have to wait til 120 days was up.

    They said if they swap the new phone will drop the free year and begin billing full price.
    From the FAQ on the Free Unlimited sign up page:
    Quote Originally Posted by Sprint
    What happens if I lose or break my own phone and don't have replacement insurance?
    If the phone you bring to Sprint through the Unlimited - Bring Your Phone promotion is lost or breaks, you have options that allow you to keep your first year of free service:

    You can purchase a Sprint phone at full manufacturer’s retail price, or
    Swap out a different eligible phone although a new Sprint SIM may be required
    We recommend you sign up for our Total Equipment Protection service to protect your phone. You can add it by calling *2 or through within 30 days of activating. Be prepared to provide the IMEI or MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier) to confirm your phone is eligible.
    I think what confuses people is this answer:

    Quote Originally Posted by Sprint
    When can I upgrade to a new phone on this promotion?
    After 10/1/17, you can upgrade to a new Sprint phone by leasing or purchasing it in monthly installments - you’ll still enjoy your free year of service. Any upgrades prior to 10/1/17 will require a plan change to Unlimited data, talk and text and you’ll lose the remaining free months in your year of free service.
    That isn't actually saying you can't swap out your phone, merely that you can't "upgrade" -- with upgrade meaning get a phone on some type of installment plan from Sprint.

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