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Thread: MetroPCS Coverage in Mexico

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    MetroPCS Coverage in Mexico

    I've done a decent amount of searching on how to get MetroPCS coverage in Mexico with little results on how to do it practically. I currently have the $50/mo unlimited everything plan and have Mexico Unlimited. This is my first time trying to use it in Cancun/Playa del Carmen. Here's what I had to do:

    Note: These instructions apply to iPhone 7. (may work for iPhone 5/6).

    Prerequisite1: Ensure that you have a compatible unlocked GSM phone to use that has the radio capability to leverage the channels in use in Mexico. I'm using an unlocked GSM iPhone 7.
    Prerequisite2: Ensure you have a Mexico roaming plan on MetroPCS (e.g. North America unlimited or Mexico unlimited)
    1) Go to Settings -> Cellular.
    - Ensure Cellular Data is ON.
    - Click Cellular Data Options. Enable LTE -> Data. Data Roaming is ON.
    2) Go to Settings -> Carrier
    - Automatic is OFF.
    - Pick the appropriate provider. I chose TELCEL, since LTE was available in my area. 334 03 (Movistar) is also an option but only had 3G data coverage in Playa del Carmen. Both providers will allow for voice and SMS.
    3) Disable WIFI.
    4) Try opening a web browser and navigate to Google. If it works you're done. If it doesn't work go to the next step.
    5) Go to Settings -> General.
    - Navigate to Profile (APN Carrier Settings).
    - Click on the Profile and delete it.
    6) Turn on Airplane Mode.
    7) Turn off Airplane Mode.
    - You should have Cellular Data now. If not Reboot your phone.

    To restore 4G/LTE data once back in the USA:
    NOTE: You may need to connect to a WIFI network to perform these steps as your APN settings will not be consistent with MetroPCS/T-Mobile.
    8) Go to Settings -> Cellular.
    - Ensure Cellular Data is ON.
    - Click Cellular Data Options. Enable LTE -> Voice & Data. Data Roaming is OFF.
    9) Go to Settings -> Carrier
    - Automatic is ON.
    10) Open Safari browser.
    11) Within Safari, go to: w w w. unlockit. co. nz/fw/
    - Click Create APN.
    - Country: United States
    - Carrier: T-Mobile (LTE)
    - Click "Create APN"
    12) In the INSTALL PROFILE menu, click Install in the upper right (you will be prompted for your password).
    13) Try opening a web browser and navigate to: Google. If it works you're done. If it doesn't work go to the next step.
    14) Turn on Airplane Mode.
    15) Turn off Airplane Mode.
    - You should now have Cellular Data.

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    What?? I have been to Puerto Vallarta and used my Metro branded LG Stylo to make and receive calls while there and did not need to change a thing. As soon as I turned on the phone after landing, it grabbed onto the Telcel network and worked well. Note this is a android phone so you iphone users may have a problem.

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    The previous post was meant to be helpful. I just experienced it myself having an iPhone and wanted to help anyone else who might experience the same situation. Here in Cancun, my phone locked onto the Movistar (334 03) network which only has 3G data. I also have an APN profile which was set for T-Mobile in the USA, which will not work here in another cellular network (which require different APN settings).

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    Thanks for the help, but there should be no real need to do most or any of these steps. Coverage in Canada and Mexico should not be Roaming. It was designed to be extended coverage, as if it was home/native coverage. One thing to keep in mind is that once in these countries, the caller needs to treat their phone as if they are calling from a landline from within these counties. For example, when calling from within Mexico to another Mexican phone number, there is no need for the Mexican country code (+52). When calling from Mexico to a USA number, the calling NEEDS to input the USA country code (+1), etc, etc.

    However, if the caller is having trouble connecting to service in Canada or Mexico, these could be great troubleshooting steps. I remember I had to restart my phone once I connected in Puerto Vallarta. But after a simple reboot the phone worked like a charm. My only real hiccup was having to add a +1 before my girlfriend's number to call her, even though she was right next to me.

    As a matter of fact, before leaving the USA, it is a good idea to add a +1 (hold 0 to add a +, fallowed by 1) before all of your USA contacts to save some time and confusion later on. Not to mention, a +1 doesn't effect calling while within the USA.

    Most phones (especially the new ones) sold by T-mobile/MetroPCS will work in Canada and Mexico. Of course the T-mobile phone needs to be unlocked to work on Metro, for some reason, but that's the way they have it set up. When purchasing a non-carrier specific/unlocked phone, as long as it works on T-mobile/MetroPCS, it will work in Canada and Mexico. I believe Canada also uses band 7, so if the phone has that it may work better. But the other bands, mostly LTE 2/4 and UMTS 850/1900, are the most common, especially in Mexico.

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