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Thread: Very Poor Data Experience Since The Recent Plan Updates

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    No idea if it was a coincidental glitch, But I relocated to Redding CA on the last day of my current cycle.
    My data was less than a half meg at various locations around town. One bar I was in I got 50+ Meg speed.

    Tried hard reset of phone, airplane mode on and off, etc etc . No changes.

    The next morning,and my new cycle started, at all those same locations I was getting 25-60 Meg speed.

    I had 4.5 Gigs of data still available when my renewal date was up.

    been fine for a second day now as well, FAST speeds.
    Easily could have just been a coincidental system problem at that time.

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    Here in the DC area I'm still fine. While I'm not getting speeds over 100Mb/s any more. I still get around 60Mb/s speeds. And there is only one area I run into that is congested now. And that is only because cell towers are sparse in that area and there is alot of traffic on the highway. But it's the same for post paid as well.

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