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Thread: Activating Verzion Prepaid Moto E4 on Total Wireless ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by superduty59 View Post
    I have been a TW customer since January. In April I bought Verizon PP Moto G4 $35. I bought ebay unlock code and hot swapped my activated sim into the G4.Been working every since. Does TW still think my old phone is active? Or does TW know I'm using the G4 and don't care?

    The reason for the questions is I'm trying to get my mom setup on TW from verizon. I bought her a E4 from Walmart for $40 and ebay unlock code. All that is working fine. Since she is new to TW and does not have a compatible phone how do I set her up on TW (phone wise)? Ihave a compatible phone but I think TW still thinks I'm using it and not my G4. Does this make any sense? Thanks.
    Quote Originally Posted by superduty59 View Post
    When I go to my account I can't find any phone info all it says is my phone number. I do not see any imei# oor serial #.
    You won't find your phone's IMEI number on your account, AFAIK. But I think you would get an error from Total Wireless if you check the IMEI that was used to activate your TW SIM card that you're using in the VZW PP Moto G4 Play. So you would not be able to use it to activate another SIM on TW. It may also fail to activate on another Verizon MVNO, but that's not clear since I don't know if anyone has tried it.

    If you want to avoid getting the VZW PP Moto E4 whitelisted for use on Verizon MVNO's and still use it on TW, you would need to get another whitelisted phone to use to activate the TW SIM.

    Quote Originally Posted by mathfaster View Post
    Your mom's phone is not whitelisted on Verizon. Therefore you cannot use it on TW until it's whitelisted on Verizon AFAIK. Whitelisting the phone consists of paying VZ a ransom on VZ Prepaid to get it whitelisted. You can check the E4 for compatibility by running the IMEI on TW's website. There's a difference between activating a VZ prepaid phone on TW and swapping in an already active TW SIM into an unlocked VZ prepaid phone. The active SIM is already whitelisted which is why it works.
    The SIM was activated on TW with a phone that was whitelisted by Verizon for use on Verizon MVNO's.

    This is why I started this thread: to get more discussion about how this works.

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    It appears that some of the people posting on the SD thread are claimin that they are this phone on TW with a fresh sim, Anyway, very confusing. I think I'll play it safe and find the best deal I can on the unlocked version Moto E4 XT1768 .

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbmobile View Post
    XM SIM's must be activated in the phones that they came with because XM does not allow BYOD at present time. So yup, mine was activated even before I got it and the phone via FedEx.
    Could you please clarify this? When you ordered XM service, did you order a phone also from Comcast? And did you mean that Comcast activated the SIM before sending it to you? Thanks.

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