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Thread: Moto G5 Plus on Verizon Wireless

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    Moto G5 Plus on Verizon Wireless

    My Nexus 6P was starting to show its age with the battery, so I did some research and when Amazon had a 1-day sale on the Moto G5 Plus, I picked one up. Some basic information about the phone:

    * Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor (2.0 Ghz octa-core)
    * 5.2 inch display
    * Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) (424 ppi)
    * 3000 mAh battery
    * Works on all carriers (GSM and CDMA)
    * 2 GB RAM/32 GB ROM or 4 GB RAM/ 64 GB ROM
    * up to 128 GB microSD card support
    * 12 MP camera in back - 5 MP in front
    * Android 7.0 Nougat

    I picked up the 4 GB/64 GB model, and added another 64 GB in the microSD card slot.

    The two biggest pros for me is the battery and clean Android OS. The battery is a beast, and with the lower-end processor, etc. I can use the phone all day and still have plenty at night. It has Qualcomm fast charging, which takes about 90 minutes from 0-100%, but rarely do I ever bring the battery that low to where I get worried. I can have the phone at 70-75%, plug it in the car, and during my 25 minute ride to work it's back up to 95-99%. Add in Nougat's Doze feature, and I only lose 2-3% battery overnight.

    The clean Android is one of the reasons why I stick with either Google or Motorola phones. App response is still very fast, and not having to worry about the added bloatware is a plus. Motorola does add their gestures (chop for flashlight, twist for camera, etc), but they are clean and simple compared to what other phones have installed. I don't play games, and compared to others I'm a pretty light app user.

    Some people have talked about the overall design and look. That never really bothered me; I'm not surrounded by people who look at my phone, or even care what model it is. Plus, I always have a decent cover on all my phones anyway.

    I know that there were two issues when I was researching this phone that were specific to Verizon. One related to being unable to call 911, and the other on call quality when using VoLTE. Both were patched when I bought mine, and the two updates appeared on my display before I even tried doing a manual update. Have not had a single issue with call quality on VoLTE and 3G (for testing purposes only), even while driving. I have not tried calling 911, nor do I hope to ever have to do that.

    The largest con for me is the camera, and that's only because I'm coming from the Nexus 6P. The camera on the 6P is absolutely fantastic in all kinds of light. I knew the G5 Plus wasn't going to compete, and daytime pictures are still quite good, but any low light situations just isn't as good as I hoped. I've taken pictures with both the default Motorola camera app, as well as Google's camera app, and the results are pretty much the same. Video is the same as well; good to great in the daytime, but struggles at night.

    The only other issue worth mentioning is the GPS. It can take a little longer for GPS to fully kick in, and if you go under long bridges or tunnels, it gets much more squirrelly then my Nexus 6P did. Also, the Waze app has some kind of issue with GPS on this phone; for some reason GPS doesn't kick in about 40% of the time at startup. Once I reset GPS via the scroll-down notification window, it kicks back in just fine, but it's something I never had to worry about with the 6P, and every other app that uses GPS/location (Google Maps, cellular tracking apps, etc) work flawlessly. So, I'm more prone to think this is an issue with Waze, not the phone.

    Would I buy another Moto G5 Plus? Absolutely! At $229/$299 it's still a good deal, and if they go on sale again it's even better.

    I hope this help someone thinking about getting one. If you have any other questions, or would like me to try a particular app, just let me know.

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    I have seen no GPS issues with my G5 Plus. For the money you get an almost flag ship experience at a moderate price. US model has no NFC. They still Micro USB instead of USB C but it gets the job done. Outdoor photos are good but indoors leaves a little to be desired. Battery life is great. The Snapdragon 625 is fast and with 4 gb of ram smooth performance.

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    Good review. Thanks for posting. I have one, on the Bell network here in Canada. It works very well. I have seen no GPS issues, and I routinely use it for turn-by-turn navigation while driving. However, there aren't many tall buildings or tunnels here to cause the usual confusion.

    It's been on special several times on Amazon for $239-249, typically just for one day at a time, since the Moto G5S was announced. This is a good way to get a great new phone for even less.

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    One big downside is that it does not even support basic carrier aggregation, so it can only use one LTE band at a time. Likewise, it only supports 64QAM.
    Nexus 6P supported 2 band carrier aggregation, so it would be a downgrade in terms of LTE speeds.

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