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    dBm Meter gone in iOS 11!

    I updated my iPhone 6s on T-Mobile to iOS 11 and dialed into Field Test Mode and there was no dBm display anywhere to be found! Has anyone else had this happen too?

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    Yes, no numerical dBm display via Field Test Mode with iOS 11. Confirmed on my iPhone SE. Based on a Google search, this hasn't worked any of the beta releases, either. I rolled back to 10.3.3, since I didn't need any features of 11, and will update after the numerical signal is restored, or when I can't stand to wait any longer.

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    They removed the ability to replace your bars with a dBm signal but you can still find the number in the field test menu if you know where to look. It does not work on all chipsets but I have been able to find the info on Verizon and T-Mobile with iPhone 7 and 8 running iOS 11 and above.

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