I have a Galaxy S8+ (SMG955UZKV) (Verizon)) running on PagePlus (Verizon MVNO) since I purchased it from Samsung. All has been perfect until about a week ago when I realized that I wasn't getting some SMS alerts that I used to get (credit card use, home phone voicemail, family and such) I can find no pattern, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. I seems that I can always send them.
The only thing that was out of the ordinary during that time period was that I traveled from Nevada to Ohio, and Illinois, and back to Nevada, which I believe was they first time "airplane mode" was ever used.
I have cleared the cache for the default messenger, and for Textra (which I much prefer) I have re-seated the sim card, obviously rebooted the phone. It seems that everything works fine right after a reboot, but then back to not receiving some texts.
I contacted Pageplus through the chat feature on their site, and the first person said that they reset my profile, and to reboot the phone (and of course things worked fine after a boot...) The second person insisted that I do a factory reset, that there was a "defect" with the S8's and android and after the reset "the phone would download new software" and I should be fine. When I explained to her that really isn't they way it worked, and that the software would have to come from Verizon, which wasn't going to happen OTA since I was using Pageplus, she just wanted to get rid of me, which is why I am posting. I get my updates using the Verizon Wireless Software Update Assistant, and I am currently running G955usQU1AQGL as of 8/30/17, the phone is stock.
Does anybody else have problems with texts or have any suggestions?