I'm trying to figure out how well I could get a South Korean Note 8 to work here in the US. I'm hoping it would just be a matter of figuring out which carrier in my area would have coverage for the particular cellular voice and data radio frequency bands and protocols it supports.

I want to do this because I want to get a 256GB internal storage model Note 8. The 64GB model that Samsung is selling here in the US is an unforgivable kick in the groin by Samsung because 1.) My Note 7, with normal use, is running at 52GB of space already consumed, and that's with storing my snapped pics and videos on the 256GB microSD card I have in it. Plus, 2.) the 256GB UFS 2.1 internal storage Note 8 is being sold in mass quantities in South Korea and other countries. Anyone who bothers to get educated about it knows that micro SD expansion is a TERRIBLE next best choice to internal storage in terms of access speed - write AND read. I'm more than TIRED of my Note 7 crawling because accessing my photos and videos on the micro SD card is so slow.

As a Note 7 owner, I've already taken advantage of Samsung's $450 discount on purchasing a Note 8. I have a brand new, unlocked, US model 64GB Note 8 sitting in its box, unopened. If I can identify a way to get a South Korean, 256GB model Note 8 to work on the network of any carrier in my area, I'm hoping I can get Samsung to take the Note 8 I have back in partial exchange for a South Korean model one with 256GB of internal storage. Either that or I
ll sell the 64GB device on the open market for as much as I can get, and use the proceeds from that to buy a 256GB model.

Do you or anyone you know use a South Korean Note 8 on any carrier here in the US, yet?