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Sigh, I was just trying to help. There are definite downsides to Unlimited 2, but I don’t see anyone else reporting the same issue as you, so am wondering why your experience is different. I really am simply curious, but for some reason I must be coming across as attacking the validity of your experience.
I don't understand why he has been repeatedly so personally butt hurt about it either. Looks like you and I have been here well over a decade. I quit using HoFo a long time ago because it seemed like the user base was so shrunk. I used to really prefer XDA, but with everyone having an expensive phone, there are too many non-tech asking the same things all the time. My point is, I doubt you and I could be called shills. I don't even think Cricket was in my area when I started here and would never have considered them until the AT&T buyout.

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On this plan can you upgrade a line to the regular 8mbs unlimited?

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No, and I am hoping that is something they change. I think they'd see a TON of people do it just because they have a marginal understanding about how internet speeds actually work and it would be a great marketing tool. I'd personally do it to my primary line, but the others haven't even noticed since the switch.