Does anyone have a pixel 2 or any other android phone that supports advanced messaging? Virgin's website says they support it (exact same screenshot used on Bell's own site) as long as you have
In order to get Advanced Messaging, you will need:

A post-paid Virgin Mobile rate plan with data and text messaging enabled.
A Virgin LTE SIM card.
VoLTE settings toggle on device must be turned on (Note: on by default)
You'll also need to be in the ever growing area with network coverage (same coverage area as Voice and Video over LTE).
which I have all those, i even called tech and they added the provisioning for VoLTE+RCS and the option just doesn't kick in (VoLTE is working tho). Then I called today and their saying that the network feature doesn't really work...but they're selling it on their website.

The option for enhanced/group messaging doesn't display in my messaging settings menu, but it used to; i'm just not sure if disappeared after updating to oreo 8.1 or getting the $60 10GB plan. Anyone else able to take advantage of the advanced messaging features?

is there anything else I should be asking/telling them?