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Thread: Unlock App doesnt work

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    Quote Originally Posted by joyfuldad View Post
    Same here have 4 off them😬

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    Damn that sucks, any word of a fix coming soon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wthigon View Post
    No updates found, phone up to date.

    this is a no no ....say xx1 software can be unlock and xx2 with would be the update will no longer be able to unlock because either A) the carrier wants u to wait the 3-6 months of payment first or B) it was block by the OEM for some reason

    Quote Originally Posted by wthigon View Post
    Alright so I found that one person saying that the ones made in Vietnam are not unlockable and the ones made in china work fine... I checked mine, made in vietnam

    wait why does samsung do this?? the phone should come from one company..never understood this...this is why its very good to look over all the specs on the phone before buying

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