Dell Dimension 3000 Desktop with Windows XP/Linux Mint 18.1 Mate 32bits
HP dv6 Laptop with Windows 7/Linux Mint 18.1 Mate 64 bits
Sanyo SCP-2700 with Kyocera data cable, pid:024F/vid:0482

File transfer between PC & cell phone

1) Installation of Susteen SCP-3810 drivers & BitPim as explained here (#1) yielded export of images to desktop. Import dialog box had all options whitened out, thus unavailable.

2) No import with above software on laptop (Windows 7).

3) Import failures with Kyocera drivers (#2) for the Dura Series & Bitpim on both the desktop & laptop.

4) Linux Mint has drivers pre-installed. Installation of BitPim & dependencies in a piecemeal fashion as explained in this 2006 Ubuntu thread (#3]) failed to launch.

5) Installation of Trusty (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) bitpim (1.0.7+dfsg1-3 (#4), with Synaptic, opened; but still failed. This package has only the Auto Port to detect the phone. Other com ports are unavailable.

Adding to the the difficulties is the fact that the Ubuntu developers moved bpudev & rules.d to /lib/udev. To compensate for these changes, I added my Kyocera cable to /lib/udev/rules.d/40-bitpim.rules & to /etc/udev/rules.d/60-bitpim.rules with the text from the BitPim online manual as well as copying bpudev to usr/bin. Changing the pid/vid for the phone in the /lib/udev/rules.d & the etc/udev/rules.d resulted in failure again.

This package probably would work for the supported phones in the BitPim list or if the program recognized the signature of my Kyocera data cable. There has been only 1 solitary post on the BitPim Developers Mailing List for all of 2017, therefore my request to add the Kyocera cable signature will most likely to go unheeded.

6) Kyocera drivers & MobilEdit (7 day trial version), downloaded from here (#5), installed on desktop (XP partition) opened; but phone was not detected. This may be due to the fact that the Kyocera data cable is USB to serial & not a direct USB cable. It's very difficult to know the type of cable at the time of purchase. If the data cable had been obtained from the phone carrier, it's more likely to work with their file transfer software & thus more expensive than a generic cable purchased elsewhere.

Remaining Option:
Because the SCP-2700 has no micro-SD slot, the above machinations were unavoidable. Fortunately the phone has Bluetooth capability, so a dongle was purchased for $1.89 (#6). The dongle will literally be on "a slow boat from China" with delivery scheduled for sometime in March 2018.

#1 to #6 would have been links, but they are impermissible to neophytes.