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Thread: Why won't my phone play 3GP video files?

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    Why won't my phone play 3GP video files?

    I have a 1.40R w/ seem edits. My first phone with the older firmware would play movie files converted to 3GP fine (i used Nokia Multimedia converter, and had Bad Boys 2 on my phone, no problems at all), but with this one, i converted a family guy episode to 3GP, took up like 12 megs, but when i stuck it on the phone, the phone would not display it under videos, it was just blank (ya, i know to switch devices from phone to card). I tried sending it via mobile phone tools, and sending it via transflash, and even though MPT showed it was physically on the phone, the phone did not display the file at all. Why?

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    i dunno either, i used to play the movies fine when i flashed my .8f firmware to the but now when i try to play the movies on my new v710 with the .OR firmware that i have flashed to the firmare i can see them on the video menu, but when i select a file to play it goes to the screen and all i see is black and then the phone resets.