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  1. JW wireless in So Cal
  2. Verizon Wireless Retail Sales job info
  3. Verizon Wireless Employee Earnings
  4. Question about VZ employee phone plan
  5. I have a interview with verizon
  6. What do part time benefits look like?
  7. Verizon Wireless discount for employees.. can someone give me correct info
  8. Welcome to the VZW Employment Sub-Forum
  9. Resume for Verizon
  10. Offered to manage a Kiosk in the mall
  11. Did someone lie to me?
  12. Is it like this everywhere?
  13. Becoming Verizon Authorized Agent
  14. Start on Monday
  15. A technician's rant (my revelation about Verizon)...
  16. Any other Verizon Dealers in here?
  17. Direct line for CS?
  18. Job related
  19. California Call Center
  20. salary of a retail customer serv and sales support rep.
  21. ? About Billings
  22. Verizon - Transferring phonebook from phone to phone
  23. How many interviews before hired?
  24. Another Interview Thread
  25. employer benefits questions
  26. VZW's new Comp Plan for Retail RSRs/KSRs
  27. How do you contact an actual person about employment!
  28. Help! Former Cellular Employee
  29. Does anyone know Assistant Manager Pay!!
  30. Passed the skills test, but no phone call yet...
  31. I have an interview with Verizon Wireless tomorrow!!!
  32. How long without pay is too long?
  33. got an interview for tech position inside VZW store
  34. Does Fastpath work well for ANYBODY?
  35. Porting Numbers
  36. Corp reps why badmouth indirects ?
  37. Commission?
  38. Had testing and face to face tuesday
  39. pip'd commission
  40. Drug Testing?
  41. Corp vs Indirect
  42. Premium Text Messaging Content
  43. applied , some feedback on positions applied for.
  44. Verizon Employee Phone Plan
  45. Circuit City vs. Regular Retail
  46. Sales Rep Position
  47. alltel or vzw
  48. corp cingular rep looking at switching to Verizon
  49. job at interview for a sales rep job, any tips?
  50. What do store managers get paid?
  51. background
  52. CSR dress code and a background check question
  53. Call Center Management?
  54. CSR call center qualifications
  55. Switching from indirect to direct channel
  56. How to get a job with CS?
  57. Getting Out of Newhire training
  58. Interview for Assistant Manager Position
  59. average time for HR follow up call?
  60. I interviewed last week.
  61. Call Center Interview
  62. Pro's and cons of being a retail sales person
  63. Just a Question about Employment
  64. corporate store closing doors
  65. What time was your training classes?
  66. Phone Numbers and Calling into CS
  67. Waiting For Call For An Interview???????
  68. customer support rep bonuses?
  69. New to Verizon, Question about Commissions
  70. career fair
  71. Background checks..How through are they?
  72. what kinda phone/plan deal does a store sales rep get?
  73. Vzw Vs Tmobile
  74. Nwohio
  75. how is your quotas?
  76. Any Sales Rep Here Make 45K There First Year?
  77. Background Check!!
  78. Benefits Question(s)
  79. If you work in the COOs department in Charleston, SC...
  80. New HiRe!!
  81. Customer Contact Evaluation test questions.
  82. Phone contests??
  83. Interview tomorrow!!!
  84. Imagine if Verizon had this as their Shakira Commercials
  85. Thinking about working at a Corp VZW Store
  86. Info about a job at verizon.
  87. drug test- A-check
  88. HR Is calling me....
  89. Frustrated.
  90. anyone know about this authorized retailer?
  91. Verizon building being built.
  92. nervous, yet excited!
  93. Officially Hired.
  94. Professional Question for VzW employee
  95. Disappointed with VZW in Motown Market
  96. What to expect at the HR interview for SALES REP position - are you familiar?
  97. About to interview for a Assistnat Manager position
  98. New Retail Rep Needs advice
  99. I got hired but I think I failed my background check, what can I do???
  100. Verizon swag
  101. background check
  102. Sent In Resume and Waiting
  103. just got the interview scheduled and i'm confused please help
  104. Tell me about pay, please
  105. Most jobs being applied for are sales?
  106. Please Help With Contract Question
  107. Do I want to work for VZW or Alltel?
  108. info about "retail customer support rep"
  109. Circuit City Kiosk vs Store
  110. verizon retail store management
  111. Verizon Employees Advice
  112. Got and Interview a few questions
  113. BG check (credit?)
  114. best way to become reseller?
  115. Supervisor Retail Sales In Circuit City Vzw
  116. Tell me if this makes any sense
  117. Do Customer Service Reps Get Commission?
  118. Customer Service Rep at Call Center - What is the Pay like?
  119. Questions??
  120. Verizon is gangbusters!!!
  121. Retail Rep wages
  122. Please Help!!!!!!
  123. Ok did my interview
  124. Question about working at VZW
  125. What to wear
  126. How Long Do I Have To Wait??
  127. Deliver a Resume
  128. Cingular or Verizon
  129. What Is The Pay????
  130. What is the hold-up???
  131. What if they're not interested??
  132. Getting Hired with Bad Background
  133. Interview Questions
  134. What is Verizon's policy?
  135. WHats happened???
  136. Sales rep/ Customer serv job qualification?
  137. Agents??
  138. the name change of the forum is appreciated...
  139. Network roll call
  140. Can Anyone Help Me Get Hired, In The Orange County Area Please???
  141. How much PTO for a part-time store rep?
  142. I need some advice...
  143. Strange question...
  144. Multiplier Help
  145. RSR with CC
  146. TMO vs VERIZON
  147. tips to get resume response?
  148. Anyone with Agent/Indirect Experience please help
  149. Notations on accounts
  150. I have a customer that needs a phone that can view a live video feed.
  151. Is this policy?
  152. do you think we'll ever get multipliers on renewals anymore
  153. V325i rebate?
  154. Agents: spare A870 dummy phone
  155. BG Check Question
  156. Sales Paycuts.
  157. How to find out the name of who owns a number?
  158. One year agreement?
  159. Question about corp store?
  160. Hourly Pay
  161. management
  162. new phones
  163. How to get a GIN product added?
  164. Attended Verizon Job Fair - Next Step Question
  165. Hourly for Los Angeles RSR?
  166. Corp. or Retailer
  167. Strange Interview Process
  168. VZW Bellevue, WA
  169. Interview scheduled!!! please advise
  170. how to find mangers' names
  171. Why doesnt VZW Reps now anything about KRazr OBEX...?
  172. Termination Fee if cancelled early?
  173. non profit club discount
  174. What does VZW pay
  175. B2B sales questions
  176. Sigh.... another background check "waiter"
  177. Got our redemption agent status today!
  178. EROES: How to block PDA data (agents please help)
  179. Going back to school should i stay a Sales Rep?
  180. Automated Phone Call?
  181. Becoming an Agent
  182. So how do reps in LA make money?
  183. Advertising Ideas-Busy Market
  184. Random Drug Testing?
  185. Reps should learn math too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny stuff
  186. VZW and Best Buy
  187. insurance ?
  188. Solectron Employee
  189. First Day Orientation -- What's the Attire?
  190. California Association of Realtors
  191. LG 8100 tethering: proper way?
  192. What is a premier agent
  193. commissions changing again in Feb.
  194. InDirect Agents
  195. most text's you've ever seen someone use in a month?
  196. Trying to get hired at Call Center In Stl, Mo
  197. New to VZW Business Side; Any Others?
  198. Verizon (not Verizon Wireless) Employee Discount?
  199. Adivce: I want to help VZW CSR
  200. Quota Relief, how does it work
  201. Rock The 6
  202. They misplaced my application!! =(
  203. Discounts for Employees
  204. Becomming an Agent (reseller)
  205. Have you RSRs taken the new comp training?
  206. Are account notes gospel?
  207. Help me understand, Re: stolen phone
  208. Considering switching store to VZW
  209. Just got hired for retail store rep.
  210. Do employees get home phone/DSL discounts?
  211. I have verizon because their UIs suck and dont support OBEX
  212. 2006 Sti?
  213. Wireless Data Support job?
  214. Earning Potential
  215. New TDTR measurement :(
  216. new hire training?
  217. Orientation Time!!?? Please Help!!
  218. Well today was my 2nd day.
  219. What is your favorite/least favorite part of selling VZW?
  220. Inventory Specialist/Retail Ops Manger Postion Question
  221. Agents - Tax Full Price of Phone or not?
  222. Disgruntled Store Manager
  223. Advertising Templates
  224. So I had my first day at orientation today...
  225. Interview... Check --now what?
  226. A-Check
  227. why is the link for employee discount not working
  228. Do verizon corp stores sell other verizon services?
  229. Commisions
  230. Please Help me !!!
  231. Corprate vs. Authorized Retailers
  232. global phone on employee plan?
  233. just got the new cellebrite
  234. Is there anyone that works for VZW in GA?
  235. Where do and who do talk to about buying bulk Verizon Carrier Returns?
  236. Orientation and Training Questions :P
  237. Txting Plan
  238. New VZW Employee
  239. About to take Store Supervisor position...
  240. Wireless Zone to Expand into Midwest
  241. sales rep vs supervisor
  242. Lack of Management Intelligence and Milage reporting.
  243. Verizon Consumer Line to Verizon Employee Discount Line not Concession
  244. indirect employee accounts
  245. A slew of questions
  246. More new hire questions..
  247. UME36 Pro update?
  248. Need weekend work... Is this possible with VZW?
  249. Did I read that VZW sales reps got a bump in pay?
  250. Online ESN Changer