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  1. Cingular CSR's, agents, etc. check in
  2. The "Some wacky customer service moments" thread (please post stories here)
  3. Brag about your employee rate plans! What do you have?
  4. Alf: 1 agents: 9
  5. so it appears that we still have competition between orange and blue stores (read)
  6. since when did transferring numbers from phone to phone become our job?
  7. Top ten things not to say in a cellphone store....
  8. this month is THE worst sales month EVER
  9. Motorola Contest
  11. subagent terminations
  12. CINGULAR monthly sales record low.
  13. Cingular Employee Plan
  14. Does Cingular care if its the number 1 carrier?
  15. How much is it safe to disclose?
  16. Opus
  17. anybody dreading the involuntary vm changeover in california tomorrow?
  18. How do you compete with Cingular's 1-800 number pricing?
  19. POS.COMII - What can you do?
  20. SE contest
  21. Thank You Bobo!!!
  22. Employee line question...
  23. Does anyone else feel....
  24. Contract??
  25. Had the Interview, told to wait for a call back, now what?
  26. What to Expect working for Cingular?
  27. Data Discount
  28. OMG even our own reps are CLUELESS.
  29. *Bored at Work Thread*
  30. Viva Las Vegas
  31. so what did i miss these past few days?
  32. Office of the President
  33. Family Talk?
  34. Just Checking here....
  35. Corporate employees
  36. Call Center Rep
  37. The two stupid customers.....
  38. Getting Slammed By The Local Verizon Corp Store
  39. B2B (Corporate Account Executive) vs. Retail (CS or RSC) - Which job would be better?
  40. master agents
  41. how much commision is made off a contract?
  42. POS II and Mozilla Firefox
  43. My *customer* rant.
  44. My v60 lady
  45. New Cingular Employee Phone ?
  46. Samsung SGH-D357 Looking for PIX
  47. PTT lines for Cingular employees (discussion)
  48. Stupid IVR's
  49. State Tax on phones (cost)
  50. Need help from someone (NE Market)
  51. Minimum age.....
  52. For anyone who's been dumped by Cingular...
  53. Selling the right phone
  54. Selling Phones as a first job?
  55. the month is almost over how did everybody do?
  56. how long until you learned to smell that "sketchy" scent of customers?
  57. Sony Ericsson Contest!!!
  58. You may not care but...
  59. orange retail--cingular getting crappier by the day?
  60. hallelujah!!
  61. apply at verizon?
  62. Secret shops helped push me away- my letter of resignation
  63. I'm coming out! and leaving....
  64. My oh my...Cingular is making EVERYONE happy now....
  65. need help in looking for a master agent.
  66. sales reps: lets help out our fellow workers in the south and donate.
  67. US Motivation Offset????
  68. Motorola E1
  69. whats the pay rate like?
  70. A Nokia Game
  71. music tone
  72. So... True-UP?
  73. SC Kiosks Employees, chime in
  74. PalmOne Contest
  75. Agents/Corp Reps: Are you/your company compensated for relocations (i dont want $'s)
  76. Did you work for cingular then switch to verizon?
  77. Applied for Cingular questions
  78. Ordering Thru Telesales
  79. Conversation just went like this....
  80. 2wk notice
  81. ROKR missing the preloaded itunes.
  82. NBO Pricing on Equipment
  83. Free Phone?
  84. Daddy, can i start charging people for giving out directions?
  85. What are your Opinions about Credit n Activations?
  86. So I'm leaving Cingular..a couple questions..
  87. Abusive Customer
  88. Idiot
  89. Contract pre-paid plan?
  90. So we had to call the police today
  91. Question for you CSR's out there
  92. "But But But, I DIDN'T USE THOSE MINUTES!!!", sir/mam yes you did, it says so here.
  93. MTI Map Tool Upgrades!
  94. so what market did the missisippi CS center handle?
  95. Which Company is better to work for as a sales rep Verizon or Cingular?
  96. So they closed the blue store across the street...
  97. its been such a bad month, they lowered quota by 6 for sept/october
  98. Sundays? Anyone else having issues?
  99. Who/what do I need to contact to become an agent?
  100. Nokia Employee Training
  101. voicemail change
  102. Cingular Wireless Hiring Process
  103. Funny phone story
  104. "My bill is way to much money"
  105. Any SC Kiosks agents just get their new fixture?
  106. leaving retail store to go back to an agent....
  107. applied online.. any tips or hints?
  108. dealer line and chargebacks
  109. Better to work for Tmobile or Cingular?
  110. Excuse me?!?
  111. ERP and calling customer service.
  112. getting paid on migrations?
  113. 258 in Overages
  114. Motorola Phones & XBM
  115. Feeling for being Indirect...
  116. Cingular Dealers in NYC - chime on in
  117. New/Current Contests?
  118. poll: how many of you remove ppu mms,txt,internet when activating?
  119. im really gonna cry about my commission check.
  120. sim card quality axalto vs gemplus
  121. Once again Cingular railroads an employee...
  122. So I have reached my 1 full year and here is my thought on my Cingular Job
  123. Coming over from another carrier - as an employee
  124. blackberry addon for COU lines
  125. Best agent to work for?
  126. Activation Problems Today
  127. quick way to talk to a blue CSR?
  128. So how Do You Like OPUS
  129. Couple of ? about agent payount.
  130. giftcertificate site....please reply asap
  131. Cingular backing down on Indirects? .....
  132. Cingular Thinks I'm a good Candidate for employment??? I already work here!
  133. Non-compete at Cingular?
  134. so i pretty much lost it today at work.
  135. Irate customer
  136. Starting up My own cell phone Shop
  137. Working For an Agent Questions
  138. Anyone in Northern CA Call Center?
  139. Opening a new store in NYC- advice
  140. so i got secret shopped again...
  141. So do you corp sale reps tell your customers about the $50 deductable with Lockline?
  142. Trio 650 Dummie phone
  143. Need Help to find a Store In NY Metro to open a cellular Store. Please Help?
  144. CC Fraud Help
  145. agent here... few quick ?? to other agents
  146. Wireless Retail, Inc.
  147. Working conditions ...
  148. (COR reps) missing prepaid cards?
  149. age limit for cingular employees?
  150. Need help with resignation
  151. Cingular vs Bellsouth
  152. what is cingular's ARPU goal...
  153. Help! Finding MA
  154. Idiot People
  155. boy is holidays going to suck
  156. Direct customer service line
  157. Cingular Master Dealer List and Feedbacks (Brooklyn, NY)
  158. Running Credit, coming back "AR"
  159. If ignorance is bliss cell customers are the happiest SOB's on the planet
  160. Cingular Benefits
  161. Inphonic unbelievable
  162. Thinking of dropping Cingular for Verizon ( Agent )
  163. Just for fun...my resignation letter.
  164. So my TL just quit
  165. Lack of communication....Care vs. Reps
  166. I think this customer takes the cake...
  167. unlocked V3
  168. Cingular Plan on Rogers
  169. open letter from a cingular paystation adventurer!
  170. sup everybody
  171. telesales people
  172. Received the Offer Call Toady
  173. Corp, how do you....
  174. i want to begin my own online company like wirefly
  175. A special thanks to the kid who leaked the UMTS/HSDPA Stuff off CSP...
  176. Anyone added military discounts?
  177. Anybody Heard Of Media Lite?
  178. Average Pay for Reps @ Direct Store
  179. Thanks Cingular.com
  180. Things that make you want to bang your head against a wall.
  181. whats up with the newer built stores?
  182. I Wish Walmart Would Bankrupt!!!
  183. question for reps
  184. 10 Things I think Cingular should do to be successful in Retail Stores!
  185. my 4 pet peeves
  186. Police Called to your store?
  187. Just applied via Cingular.com
  188. I am coming to work for Cingular
  189. proration?
  190. Happy Birthday! Oct. 26-One year anniversary of the "new" Cingular
  191. Wow...
  192. Do customers know how to use stamps?
  193. It's me again, the Cingular Hiring Travesty
  194. Commision
  195. Little Orange Pills of Death
  196. COU lines region specific?
  197. So i got screwed over for a promotion today.....
  198. COR December Commision Changes
  199. Thank You Cingular!!!!!
  200. I got the call today!!!
  201. so im strike 2 with sam....wait, so is 50% of the reps in my market
  202. Union?
  203. after 5 days without power...
  204. TDMA Churn Buster Campaign...I personally think it sucks!
  205. Cingular Master Dealer
  206. more contests...
  207. Interview with Cingular
  208. employees check your chargbacks
  209. Do agents get plan discounts?
  210. cingular shirts??
  211. Just an FYI for COR
  212. Just got hired
  213. Family Plan Discount
  214. they may be closing my store :(
  215. Change in FT activation fees...???
  216. Exclusive Dealer - Agent for 12 years and Got the 60 Day Terminate Notice 11/01/2005
  217. Calling all NYC reps/agents/independant's
  218. Agents, need help.
  219. New Commission Starting Jan 1 '06
  220. thanks wirefly, i lose 30+ biz deal to you
  221. Corp. Stores being a pain in the ***
  222. Open Enrollment ugh!
  223. 3rd party employee plan questions.
  224. VIP upgrades not being paid
  225. Pride!
  226. Um, Ew...
  227. SC Kiosks inventory problems?
  228. My union rep told me something interesting today
  229. Thinking about working for cingular
  230. Cingular Agent Contest???
  231. Sales Pay cuts, especially Blue
  232. Who pays the best
  233. I guess I'm the new guy...
  234. New BB inc. prog.
  235. Anyone else get the D-357 yesterday?
  236. Blackberry 8700c (employee pricing?)
  237. Cingular owes me a ton of money..
  238. Well folks I did it...
  239. Future Career Question.
  240. PM Me your PTT Numbers
  241. ok is anyone else doing very poorly so far this month?
  242. Nokia 9300
  243. Bootcamp?
  244. Holy Hot Selling Phone Batman!!!!
  245. ? for any Cincinnati Bell Rep
  246. Cingular Dealer
  247. leaving cingular question
  248. Its our turn for discounts!!!
  249. Cingular in Canada
  250. Annoying Customers