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  1. Ordering a Blackberry with Unlimited Data on Sprint Employee Plan
  2. Official Sero Thread Part 2
  3. Sero Plan text messaging issue
  4. Offical SERO Thread Part III
  5. Blackberry with SERO
  6. Samsung m610 on SERO
  7. Changing Phones Under SERO
  8. [Need Advice] Switching to Sero from Family Plan
  9. Crazy plan with sprint?
  10. Sero referral/email address requests are not allowed
  11. Order Status
  12. additional line on sero
  14. From consumer to sero.
  15. Sprint TV & Power Vision on SERO
  16. Has anyone gone from the 500 min to 1250 min + free sms txt?
  17. Sero Help
  18. SERO coverage in NYC Queens?
  19. SERO through website went through
  20. Port number to a different name?
  21. Transfering numbers
  22. Going from vision to power vision?
  23. So the SERO plan includes "data." What does that mean?
  24. Help With Activating Phone
  25. Sero Phone Need Help
  26. Getting a new phone?
  27. Things to look out for
  28. What's the best phone under $50.00 to get?
  29. Any (800) # to receive tracking number??
  30. Finnally Ordered Treo and Sero Plan
  31. To the workers of Sprint
  32. Is the M610 still available on SERO now?
  33. Activating on Shentel (affiliate)?
  34. Agreement Date??
  35. Sero blackout workaround
  36. SERO In Store???
  37. Sero Esn Swap Help
  38. Sero related question and new activation...
  39. Downgrade from 1250 mins to 500 mins. possible? and get new phone?
  40. SERO "family" plans available anytime soon?
  41. Can an regular account refer someone to SERO?
  42. if you speak spanish and about to get a new sero account
  43. Credit Check?
  44. Argh... SERO phone number? (Search isn't working)
  45. want to get SERO..please help
  46. To those of you who called the 800# to get the sero plan.
  47. How's the HTC Mogul on Sprint SERO?
  48. SERO and Kellogg Rebate
  49. Swap phones within 30 days??
  50. New Phone, New Account - Switch to SERO?
  51. Free Incoming Calls?
  52. Second SERO plan for $20... confirm??
  53. SERO Mobile Cards -- PX-500 or Sierra 595?
  54. Free Texting over?
  55. ONCE AND FOR ALL!! Which data features are included with SERO (TV, Radio, etc).
  56. phone as modem
  57. Ways to order SERO
  58. Anyone order the 8830 through the employee sales line yet?
  59. Few questions about SERO
  60. Dilemma
  61. So whats the best phone for Phone As Modem
  62. Call Back?
  63. Question...
  64. Thank you Sprint for SERO
  65. New Signup Question
  66. 2 quick questions
  67. Woohoo!!!! I can now order SERO online
  68. Making the switch: Mogul is 288.99
  69. i had the most horrible ordeal with sprint sero ever
  70. bought the mogul last week for 400, now it's 288, no one will help
  71. Mogul or Treo 755p???
  72. What is the highest amount of AT minutes can you get with SERO?
  73. Keep my current phone with SERO?
  74. SERO Order Processing
  75. Unique SERO question
  76. Unlimited Data?
  77. Time to upgrade my old sero phone.
  78. fusic as modem
  79. Get the mogul?
  80. Is there no more unlimited text messaging?
  81. Confused with new billing system and SERO
  82. ESN Change/Switch
  83. Post-Activation Porting
  84. 30 Days Risk Free???
  85. Government discount on top of SERO?
  86. Help Needed W/Transferring Account Liability
  87. About to buy the Mougl, anything else i can do to lower the price?
  88. If I asked nicely..
  89. Sprint can't acivate the Mogul I just go through SERO
  90. SERO dilemma...
  91. Other voice Wireless Advantage Plans
  92. Swapping phones around
  93. How should i switch to SERO
  94. Is it time to port back?
  95. Buying Mogul on Sero Problems??
  96. BB8830 in SERO
  97. 8830 and SERO
  98. wit the sero plan, can i....
  99. Which is a better way to go?
  100. Question
  101. Tethering the Mogul
  102. Buying the Mogul on sprint NEED HELP ORDERING TODAY
  103. Just took the plunge
  104. 288 Mogul Sero Credit Problem (again)
  105. Could this be possible?
  106. Please help me choose a phone...
  107. New Sero Phone - problem
  108. EVDO in Washington DC
  109. SERO, Blackberry, and PAM
  110. What does it mean "Order is waiting fulfillment?"
  111. Confirmed: Sero Free Unlimited Text still Available!
  112. Power Vision Question
  113. Have a new phone on a new plan!
  114. SERO Mogul until 13th?
  115. Account Problem
  116. Unlimited text messaging extended
  117. Sprint Kudos
  118. Moving to SERO w/ Mogul
  119. sprint/nextel sero question
  120. Cancelled Sero Plans?
  121. Receiving phone not activated?
  122. How long for account to be accessible online?
  123. Bye-bye VZW, Hello 6800! Thanks SERO!
  124. SERO Order Placed, Wrong Address
  125. Unlimited texting lives, unlimited data dies? (soon)
  126. Will I lose my discount (NVP) if I sign up with SERO?
  127. ineligible. for refferals
  128. Sero/Sprint phone questions, TEP
  129. My EXPEDITION with Sprint SERO.
  130. Are They Catching On to Us?
  131. Canada/Mexico Roaming Question
  132. Sprint SERO sub-culture
  133. Sero In store?
  134. SERO before contract is quite up?
  135. Mimic family plan with SERO?
  136. SERO conversion - with a twist
  137. Loopt on sero
  138. SERO question
  139. any special promotional code?
  140. 755p price drop ?
  141. SERO Problems
  142. Issues accessing online account
  143. Help with Sero Mogul Order
  144. SERO free Unlimited Text? To just Sprint or all carriers?
  145. Never Order Online
  146. Number port possible after account is created?
  147. Activate now, port # later?
  148. SERO attempt... 2 of them :(
  149. SERO Referal Request Question
  150. Can I order more than one phone line?
  151. SERO/TREO question
  152. Billing Question
  153. SERO Logins Not Working
  154. PowerVision????
  155. Received my Mogul today.
  156. So does the unlimited data part of the package use plan minutes.
  157. Ordering tonight, unlimited text or not?
  158. activating your phone w/ the sero plan
  159. Overcharged for Mogul
  160. Wierd SERO question
  161. Ordered online but not via SERO - how to switch
  162. Service quality in northern jersey ?
  163. Rebate Validity
  164. Contacting e-care?
  165. The Unforgettable SERO Journey
  166. no more sero
  167. Nextel Customer getting SERO
  168. getting free texts after 6 months?
  169. [email protected] no longer works.
  170. Anybody else not able to use any data sevices?
  171. Question on Business SERO..
  172. telenav/sprint navigation included in sero?
  173. Switching account to a Sero in the 1st 30 days?
  174. Sorry to post but I couldn't find this answer!
  175. SERO Mogul On Demand and Power Vision
  176. Sero and hybrid phones
  177. tracking BN***** orders online?
  178. This doesn't look good..
  179. Voice and Data Roaming
  180. Sprint TV?
  181. Has SERO ended?
  182. Sero help
  183. Can I change my monthly bill at any time?
  184. how long until i get my phone ?
  185. My plan to ditch the 6700 for the 6800
  186. eCare
  187. overcharged by sprint
  188. porting from former sprint number to SERO (through AT&T)
  189. Upgrade pricing - when eligible?
  190. How can I use unlimited data with PDA?
  191. Phone-as-a-modem
  192. Any current SERO rebates?
  193. Number porting..
  194. Adding TEP to my plan
  195. what can i do?
  196. Overcharged $120 for my Mogul
  197. How to verify full Sero plan details
  198. Ordering online: Page cannot be found
  199. SERO coverage in the Virgin Islands?
  200. In store returns
  201. SERO unlimited data + txt message
  202. Can get M610 from Ebay for new SERO account?
  203. Dead HTC Mogul dies on first day, can I return locally?
  204. Sero How To Get Plans GUIDE
  205. Exhanging phones?
  206. My status is Order in Progress.. How much longer?
  207. Logins that work
  208. Current Sprint Customers: Anyone Successfully switched to SERO?
  209. I ordered the mogul on Sero but...
  210. Do I have the correct powervision plan?
  211. Is SERO right for me?
  212. SERO members and referral credit?
  213. First Sero Bill x2???
  214. EVDO Card moved to separate Account
  215. Why must they overcharge my credit card?
  216. Rebates expired and unexpired
  217. SERO Roaming.. Break it down for me real quick.
  218. SERO.. so many choices.. so little time..
  219. A couple of questions...
  220. 160 dollar hidden fee?
  221. Question for all SERO users
  222. Placed order on the 19th, Im really getting frustrated..
  223. Phew I'm done (Porting INFO)
  224. 2 Phones/Plans 1 Account
  225. SERO 500 plan. Does internet access count against minutes?
  226. quick question about porting from t-mobile
  227. Do SERO Powersource plans include mobile to mobile and unlimited direct connect?
  228. 30 day return policy on SERO?
  229. Will my CC ever get charged or did I get lucky
  230. $100 Mail-in rebate on HTC Mogul w/ SERO?
  231. Can i Switch to a SERO from Nextel SERO
  232. My sero plan...
  233. SERO undergoing scheduled maintenance.. last tried to login on 7/29 @ 13:56 EST
  234. New SERO acct, Old Sprint phone?
  235. Whats the best number to call for porting?
  236. So what happens after 2 years?
  237. Funny experience at the mall today...
  238. Need to cancel SERO online order
  239. If I got a mogul...
  240. Different "My Sprint" web GUI for SERO account
  241. Current wait for Sero and Mogul?
  242. Question for Mogul Owners
  243. Keep checking your plan and balance and cc
  244. I think my Mogul needs to be exchanged
  245. Which SERO plan has unlimited txt?
  246. On SERO, can I use PAM on a KRZR?
  247. Sero plan not available in my area?
  248. A few questions about SERO before i jump in
  249. eCare question --- specific to my case
  250. Whats the best 800# to call to activate my mogul.