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  1. AT&T 3G Rollout - Latest markets launching
  2. 3G Rollout for OC and LA?
  3. 3g Western PA
  4. Any word on when Davenport, IA market will be 3G?
  5. What's the word on Alabama going 3G (Outside of Birmingham)?
  6. 3G in Lexington, KY
  7. Minneapolis 3G
  8. 3G testing Northwest arkansas
  9. 3G in Eastern NC?
  10. 3g in okc?
  11. Any word on the Connecticut rollout?
  12. Central, Virginia
  13. Corpus Christi, TX is now live
  14. Western Mass - Springfield, MA
  15. 3G in TriCities?
  16. NW Arkansas is now on!
  17. 3G Anywhere in WV
  18. Nassau County, NY??
  19. Denver, Colorado 3G
  20. Anyone know when 3G will launch in Pittsburgh, PA or generally in South Western PA?
  21. Huge 3G Push ongoing!
  22. Central IL 3g??
  23. Any update on 3G in Upstate/Central NY?
  24. Iowa 3G?
  25. 3G in Madison WI?
  26. 850MHz 3G in Seattle/Puget Sound Area?
  27. 850 MHz HSDPA in Chicago
  28. National 3G Maps
  29. Is there enough Spectrum for 3G?
  30. 3G North Houston
  31. 3G More Widespread in Washington, DC Area
  32. ATT 3g coverage in nj
  33. AT&T 3G rollout north of Marin, Napa and Sacramento, when?
  34. 3G and Cingular Blue Sim
  35. 3G in slo
  36. 3G in Reno/Tahoe
  37. UMTS problems in central Kentucky
  38. Poughkeepsie, NY
  39. Indiana...
  40. West Texas..
  41. 3G Frequency Map
  42. Any news on Shreveport , La 3G a top 100 market ?
  43. 3G yet in Bronx/Southern Westchester?
  44. Tampa FL Area 3G
  45. Grand Rapids (West Michigan area)
  46. 3G launched in Athens, GA
  47. Eastern PA
  48. 3G deployment in Portland, OR...
  49. 3G not working in my office....
  50. More 3G for texas with 1.25bil investment.
  51. 3g (Hsdpa) speed in Silicon Valley, San Diego and Phoenix
  52. Western Mass - Springfield, MA
  53. Greenville SC / Upstate SC 3G?
  54. Minneapolis 3g coming
  55. Southwest Florida
  56. Hawaii 3G HSDPA launch 10/16 9pm HST
  57. Pittsburgh PA
  58. 3G for pocono P.A?
  59. Colorado Springs, CO 3G
  60. Metro Atlanta - any HSDPA on 800 MHz?
  61. Somerset cty NJ 3g
  62. "3G" icon showng up on phones in Reno
  63. 3G in Wichita, KS?
  64. Swiss Cheese 3G coverage in Northern New Jersey.
  65. markets with 850 3g??
  66. Instead of a "G" next to my signal, I now have a "U"?
  67. When is Maine getting 3G?
  68. HSUPA Roll outs
  69. 3G(HSDPA) live in Ukiah, CA area via AT&T affiliate, Edge Wireless!
  70. Any update 3G in South Georgia
  71. State College, PA
  72. 3G Roing-out ... ROC & BUF, NY
  73. HSUPA in Washington D.C.?
  74. Connecting everywhere else but my actual location
  75. 3G live in Santa Rosa, CA
  76. there a way to find out where 3G towers are?
  77. 3G Albany NY
  78. Question on HSDPA deployment/testing
  79. 3G Live in Killeen, TX (Fort Hood)
  80. Ocala, FL??
  81. Nokia E90 Communicator
  82. New Jersey 3G
  83. 3G in Southwest, VA?
  84. 3G in NorthEast Tennessee
  85. West Texas
  86. 3G Speed Tests?
  87. 3G Tarrytown NY
  88. 3G Now Launched in Eugene Oregon Area
  89. Cellular ONE switching to ATT Tomorrow in WV
  90. ATT service around Savannah, GA
  91. 850MHz 3G Speed Tests
  92. Chicagoland 3G ... Yikes
  93. 3G in Jonesboro Arkansas
  94. HSDPA 3.6Mbps Experienced Palm Beach Garden, FL.
  95. Northwest Florida / Pensacola
  96. Difference between WCDMA (UMTS) & HSDPA 1.8
  97. The big 3G push - 2008
  98. When TDMA and AMPS gets turned off...
  99. HSUPA anywhere?
  100. Current 3G hardware vendor
  101. Jackson, MS Area
  102. St. Louis #g is awesome. Almost everywhere in the metro
  103. Upstate NY 3G and Thruway
  104. 850 3g in chicago!?
  105. No 3G in Los Angeles ?
  106. Chicago: 3G Calls Drop on I-355 South Extension
  107. Area NW of baltimore?
  108. When is Maine getting 3G?
  109. What type of 3G service does Los Angeles have? UMTS or HSDPA?
  110. Any 3G rural expansion for areas north and east of Los Angeles?
  111. Increased 3G Service in Washington/Baltimore Area
  112. Any news on Lansing, MI?
  113. Any 3G news for Fort Myers, FL?
  114. Update For Charleston, SC
  115. 3G Up and Running in Northern Nassau County in NY!
  116. Maine and NH unofficial update
  117. 3G Sighted in Norfolk Virginia.
  118. Sw Florida Coverage
  119. Any word on 3G in Madison or Green Bay, WI
  120. 3G in East-Central Ohio soon
  121. Strong 3G finally in my house!
  122. Omaha, NE 3G
  123. Anyone have the list of 80 sites
  124. 3g in all of att coverge areas
  125. 3g in wichita ks
  126. HSDPA Vs. HSUPA Latency differences?
  127. ATT Capacity Upgrade DFW???
  128. 3G additions outside of Birmingham
  129. 3G next week in Totowa,nj area
  130. Question about AT&T billing
  131. Great 850 3G Oakland County Michigan
  132. 3G testing in deer park, ny?
  133. 3G in Hawaii
  134. Upset about lack of 3G
  135. 3G in and around Meridian, MS
  136. Can't hop on 3G/HSDPA in Chicago now with BJ2
  137. NJ 3G islands
  138. Press Release Subscriptions
  139. Augusta, GA
  140. Update on 3G in CA Edge Wireless (AT&T Affiliate) areas
  141. Nyc Hsupa
  142. at&t nears HSPA
  143. 3G In Warrenton VA This Year?
  144. Muskegon, MI 3G?
  145. 3G coverage can be this spotty?
  146. 3G Expansion Central Connecticut, 850MHz????
  147. 3G slow down in NYC?
  148. UMTS: degraded/service outage VA, MD?
  149. 850 MHz WCDMA in Atlanta market yet?
  150. Signs of an upcoming 3G launch?
  151. at&t coverage at WellStar Kennestone in Marietta horrible
  152. Got 3G today in Jacksonville, NC!!!
  153. STILL waiting on 3G north of Sacramento, when AT&T, WHEN?
  154. is there 3G in Boston, MA??
  155. AT&T plans to quintuple 3G speeds in 2009!?
  156. Reading, PA 3G turned on?
  157. Ohio Expansion
  158. Central Ohio IE:galion, bucyrus
  159. Middle Georgia: Any ideas on 3G launch?
  160. Waiting for 3G.
  161. 3G coverage in South Eastern NC (Wilmington)
  162. No 3g today
  163. 3G in puerto rico?
  164. Whats the status of 3G in Dallas
  165. Northeast PA 3G expansion?
  166. One Year Ago (roughly), A comparison.
  167. 3G In Charleston SC Turned On Problems!!!!
  168. Texarkana, TX
  169. 3G-Morris County-Dover, Wharton??
  170. Springfield, MO this morning
  171. 3G in Ocala, FL on the horizon?
  172. Manchester, NH area.....
  173. 3g on 850 in new york, philly, central pa markets
  174. 3G comes to Big Island, Hawaii
  175. SW Michigan (Kalamazoo, Battle Creek)?
  176. Any word on Saratoga/Lake George NY?
  177. Lubbock/Amarillo, TX 3G?
  178. 3G 850mhz in Minneapolis
  179. Winter Haven/Auburndale, FL
  180. Waukegan/North Chicago coverage
  181. 3G in Green Bay, WI - Any rumors, facts, guesses?
  182. 3G in Rome, NY...When?
  183. HSPA in Minneapolis
  184. Southwest Florida - any further expansion?
  185. Olympia, WA has 3G on 850 MHz
  186. Question: the media net plan can take 3g coverage?
  187. 3G in Wilmington, NC ?
  188. 3G Signal in Medford/Ashland OR area
  189. 3G in Pensacola, FL / Mobile, AL Area...
  190. North Alabama outside of Huntsville 3G rollouts?
  191. 3G in Smithfield NC
  192. More 3G in Oregon?
  193. 3g in savannah ga now
  194. 3G in Lancaster PA today?
  195. Any news on Coffeyville, Ks? Or any of Ks for that matter?
  196. Any news for 3g for Maine and New Hampshire?
  197. HSDPA 3G in Irvine, CA
  198. 3G in Catskill/Hudson???
  199. ATT 3G in SW Utah
  200. 3G in the future of the Berkshires?
  201. Any news on which frequnecy is being run in Shreveport, La for 3g?
  202. Northport, Long Island, NY heard they're putting in a new tower???
  203. Chattanooga,TN on 3G as of today 06/30/08
  204. Evansville, IN has 3G...
  205. Hardware needed to add 3G on a tower?
  206. 3G in Coram, Long Island
  207. suffolk county NY 3G UP!! post your towns here!
  208. Central Washington 3g Coverage
  209. 3g in Mississippi Gulf Coast
  210. Lets Get It Over With
  211. 3g in miami
  212. 3G in Monmouth County NJ
  213. 3G live in southeastern Washington state
  214. 3G in Erie, PA?
  215. Central IL 3G
  216. Minneapolis 3G expansion
  217. 3G is active in Lafayette, Louisiana.
  218. 3G in Augusta GA????
  219. Ever see 3G in South Bend, IN/ SW Michigan??
  220. Slidell, LA?
  221. Sherman/Denison, TX
  222. Reading, PA: EDGE faster than 3G.
  223. Any news on Bloomington, IN (Indiana University)?
  224. Rockland County, NY
  225. I-87 (NYS Thruway)
  226. Gonzales, LA~~ confirmed
  227. Southern Illinois 3g status
  228. Headquarters Hello???
  229. Hanford, CA is live!
  230. Impressed with So. FLA 3G
  231. Cameron Park, Ca now up on 3G
  232. How can I configure my phone to connect to the UTMS/3G network?
  233. Downtown tampa now showing HSDPA
  234. Exclusive Upscale Rural Resorts have 3G First!
  235. 3G becomes H on SE z750
  236. Update on Northern Sacramento Valley 3G coverage (hint:it's GREAT news!)
  237. What are the chances (hypothetical ?)?
  238. 3G in McDonough and Locust Grove, GA
  239. West Texas
  240. not enought demand for 3g?
  241. 3G coverage in Garden Grove, CA
  242. 3G in Peoria, IL?
  243. Asheville?
  244. HSPA coverage in New York City ?
  245. York PA 3G
  246. Northern Westchester is Good to Go
  247. Att increasing Syracuse, NY 3G footprint.
  248. The 850mhz 3G Watchlist...
  249. 3G on I84 (Putnam county) NY
  250. Augusta GA (CSRA)