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  1. WTF! Sprint canceled my contract for roaming!
  2. 3 calls, goin on 3 weeks still no return kit!!
  3. since everone hates on SPRINT let's do a poll
  4. Sprint Customer Service Rules
  5. sprint just added a 2-year extension to my contract!
  6. Sprint i love you and hate you at the same time...
  7. Sprint Cancellation Stupidity
  8. your accounts could be in limbo?!!!!!
  9. Sprint sucks!
  10. Is Sprint Really That Bad?
  11. Sprint Closed Account...
  12. Watch out when you cancel within 30 days
  13. Sprint Family Locator
  14. Sprint still sucks big - I'm done
  15. Canceling Sprint? It's important you follow these procedures exactly
  16. Another excellent Sprint CS experience
  17. My own patience did me in
  18. My first experience with Verizon Customer Service... Yes, sprint really sucks
  19. New Customer Perspective
  20. Hypertext / Vibrant ads -does everybody else see this on this site?
  21. Who here isn't dissatisfied with Sprint?
  22. Sprint CS RANT
  23. Sprint record you not them??
  24. Sprint CS **REALLY** stinks
  25. Another rant...
  26. My sprint fiasco
  27. Sprint number port nightmare
  28. Unfrigginbelievable
  29. I can not believe how Sprint treats their customers.
  30. Dead Retail Stores During the Holidays/ Lazy Store Reps
  31. I hang up the phone on a retention rep.
  32. Kinda nice! If you are in Alabama.
  33. 3 days....8 calls
  34. Why doesn't Sprint just fix their problems?
  35. Insane
  36. Put me on hold to complete a survey?
  37. Sprint Customers Suck!
  38. Sprint dealers not being paid
  39. Billing Help
  40. Furious With Sprint
  41. Had a really good experience with CS
  42. P2k & Ensemble
  43. Pleasantly Surprised!
  44. So Sprint lost my phone apparently..
  45. I didnt think I would ever be posting a rave thread...
  46. Why Sprint lost 800,000 customers last quarter (rant)
  47. Is it just me???
  48. Just got a freebie without asking...
  49. Rant: Sprint Billing!
  50. Why is it that is it always the customers fault?
  51. I'm Coming Back - I hope what I've read here is correct
  52. New customer really impressed with Spint!
  53. 8130 (sprint) pick mail
  54. Instead of trying to help they wavied the ETF
  55. Sprint + Product Red Motorola v3m RAZR- Why it's the worst thing ever
  56. Sprint Extended Contract without authorization or change to account
  57. 2 weeks no internet on HTC Touch...
  58. Simply Everything=no more job discount
  59. ESN not clean?
  60. Customer Service Hall of Shame
  61. No Gps On Touch
  62. How much does it "cost" Sprint when I dial *2??
  63. Sprint is STUPID
  64. Screwed again
  65. Sprint Warranty Nightmare :(
  66. Please Go To Sprint Store With 3 Forms of ID!!
  67. Is sprint removing freebies?
  68. Sprints Customer Sevice Call
  69. wow Sprint screwed up BAD
  70. Sprint screwed me
  71. Sprint cancelled my account!
  72. Fix one Problem, Cause 2 More!!
  73. sprint discounts....doesnt make sense
  74. Thanks sprint! (this is positive)
  75. Thank you, Sprint Navigation!
  76. Sprint and ESN Status - WTF?
  77. Attitude..with repair person
  78. Why can't SPRINT give me a new number ...
  79. Sprints Phone line up is horrible
  80. Sprint Technical Support hung up on me twice, lol!
  81. What has happend to the Sprint forums
  82. Sprint Pro vs Cons
  83. Almost told sprint to "F" off, But they redeemed themselves
  84. I should start writing a novel with my sprint expereinces.. had to rant to someone
  85. New Sprint User
  86. OMG A good CS story
  87. Initial Billing (resolved)
  88. Doing great so far
  89. Sprint Replacement Plan Bogus
  90. Full MMS Sprint Phones
  91. Sprint Customer Service...
  92. Who says Sprints phones are NOT locked down?
  93. CS confusion
  94. Sprint Has Increased Billing Amounts Due By Up To 40% MidContract.
  95. Sprint Employees Tell Customers To Get Over Their Lost Discounts. Maybe They Should Lose THEIR DISCOUNTS.
  96. I Apologize For That Mr./Ms.____, But The Representative That Told You That Made A Mi
  97. Good-Bye HOFO Sprint Forum.
  98. Interesting Conversation with Retentions regarding the Instinct
  99. I love my Sprint Service
  100. I Guess Dan Hesse Doesnt Care About Us
  101. Some of you guys......
  102. I am FED UP! (Story Inside) *Need Advice*
  103. Mr. Hesse should be ashamed of "himself"
  104. Help! Need more suggestions for Ways for sprint to Screw up.
  105. Screw The Instinct
  106. Sprint doesn't honor loyalty discount and retracting out of the deal took 5 hours!
  107. HTC Mogul Power adapter
  108. CS hasn't been that bad!
  109. Sprint's new plans designed to help Customer Service? FAIL!
  110. sprint cup mobile sucks!!!!
  111. Even Sprint can't get all the bad press-Att I phone
  112. Can we have Sprint user only Mods in Sprint area.
  113. M300 has a serious design flaw
  114. sprint bs
  115. Sprint phone selection is poor
  116. Sprint Executive Services is great!
  117. Sprint Store in Back Bay, Boston - awesome
  118. Thumbs up for Mesa (Stapley) AZ store, big time BOO to the Tempe store
  119. Disappointed
  120. What is Sprints Problem?!?! Their Customers Service is Horrible! Read My Experience!!
  121. Porting Pain :(
  122. New Service Blues!
  123. SPrint regulates data usage NO MORE UNlimited
  124. Who would be reatrded enough to add Sprint Basic with features?
  125. Sprint - NEVER AGAIN!
  126. Is this the best sprint can offer??
  127. my phone hell
  128. People Who Attempt to Sell Their Plans Peeve Me (Especially SERO Plans)
  129. I've had it.. who should I call?
  130. Picturemail site down again!
  131. Phone CSR's: So Far, So Good
  132. Sprint a carrier for the rich
  133. Qchat phones on sprint.com?
  134. question about selling my old sprint phone
  135. Been with Sprint for almost 10 years,
  136. I Hate Sprint!
  137. Sprints new plans rock!
  138. airave sucks a$$
  139. More sprint crap.
  140. Costumer Service Problems
  141. Sprint *sigh*
  142. Sprint promises, then fails to act on it
  144. ahhh finially a network that works
  145. I have the best luck ever catching the gravy trains!
  146. Why do so many threads get closed?
  147. Wow...I didn't see this posted
  148. Im Starting To Love Sprint
  149. Awesome, Sprint is doing well in CS!
  150. with all the cancellations Sprint gets they must reuse their numbers a million times.
  151. You're doing it WRONG!
  152. Sprint Says The Following Benefits Its Customers:
  153. Meeting this month to move away 170+ lines
  154. Sprint Screwed Up My Billing For The 5th Month In A Row....Give Me A Break Already!
  155. More Evidence Sprint's iPhone-Clone Samsung Instinct Isn't A Dud
  156. NVP Discount Missing, Check Your Sprint Invoices
  157. If You Are A Sprint Customer, And Complain, Then Leave.
  158. Thinking about throwing in the towel with Sprint
  159. oh yeah.. im heated right now
  160. I Am Sorry, But You Will Need To Change Your Plan In Order To Activate The....
  161. Thank you Sprint great service. Pics
  162. 3rd party sellers...
  163. So You Think Sprint Outsourcing Is Bad?
  164. WTF? Sprint and ETF
  165. Sprint - TRAIN YOUR PEOPLE
  166. This is how stupid some Sprint reps could be..
  167. Congrats Sprint!
  168. SPRINT has royally screw up my plan!!!
  169. Sprint vs. Verizon in the middle of the woods!
  170. Another ETF thread/rant
  171. Sprint Made Up For Their Error. I Am Very Pleased.
  172. Wow, Just came across this...
  173. Excellent order processing!!
  174. Since when does Sprint ship via USPS?
  175. Sprint EVDO Upgrade/Coverage Issue - Well Done
  176. EFT--just got screwed by Sprint
  177. Had Sprint Call Me 2 Nite And The Caller Dint Even Know The Ceo Name
  178. Sprint Screwed Up My Account And Plan For The 6th Time In In The Past 5 Weeks....3 1/2 Hours Resolving This Issue!!!!
  179. q for diamond
  180. How can I get out of my sprint contract without the ETF?!
  181. Need Advice...
  182. Sprint says 2008 is the "Year of the Customer" I say BS
  183. Sprint Gets A Well Deserved Hand
  184. Impressed with Sprint's online activation.
  185. After 1.5 years, throwing in the towel with Sprint
  186. Sprint adds customer service award to recent recognition
  187. Sprint: Multi media - 69 Models In Motion = WTF is this
  188. thoughts on some posts
  189. I have an idea
  190. Always the Short End of the Stick
  191. Sprint EVDO fastest of three
  192. Props for Sprint
  193. 6 months so far it has been great
  194. Just Renewed My Contract And Lost My Discounts!!
  195. Mr. Dan Hesse....Can You Hear Me Now....?
  196. Oh how I Love sprint (:
  197. corp store experience (Broadway near WTC)
  198. Made the switch
  199. Sprint reseller reset my phone to play "bubble breaker"
  200. Cheers for Sprint online sales
  201. Great tech assist from sprint today!!
  202. Careful of this store (Ft Wright, KY)
  203. I've Been Through Six Moguls This Year
  204. First time in a while...
  205. Interesting retentions call...
  206. Sprint Isn't That Bad
  207. Sprint is a liar!!
  208. horrible 3rd party sprint experience
  209. RANT: If Sprint Can't Fulfill New Orders Correctly, How Can They Get New Customers???
  210. sprint tv is overrated
  211. A PSA by KE4QPF: Want to ditch the account and avoid the ETF? DO IT NOW!!!
  212. Billing Hell
  213. Charged for Int'l Text Messages I never made...
  214. RANT: Why Does Sprint Make It So Hard To Refer New Customers?!?
  215. Seriously.. Whats going on with Sprint
  216. Swapping a phone complete hell on the phone...
  217. Finally, a TEP success story!
  219. Need advice on bill screw-up
  220. Please HELP! Sprint has messed my plan up bigtime.
  221. Sprint is scamming me!
  222. Order Limbo
  223. TIP: How To UNSUBSCRIBE From Sprint's "SPRINTFREEMSG" Spam Text Messages!
  225. Got Sprint.. now I keep going from EV to 1X... What's up with that?
  226. I found a way to cancel service w/out ETF!
  227. Cancel Sprint Service Without Early Termination Fees (9 DAYS LEFT)
  228. Sprint Bashers
  229. Update on moving a line to sprint.
  230. Unlimited Included Power Vision Removed.
  231. Annoying Pre Announcement
  232. Sprint Trouble
  233. I'm really getting ready to leave Sprint...
  234. Sprint warranty and repair is pathetic
  235. Is sprint the worst carrier of them all?
  236. Sprint Mail in Rebates Stink
  237. IDK if I should rant or rave...
  238. Excellent Customer Service Story.
  239. Sprint has big error in their national ads! Idiots!!
  240. I'm So Sick Of Smug F***s on Verizon!
  241. Why do people think Sprint sucks?
  242. Pointless new phone! Sprint has to be clueless!
  243. $10 recurring discount expired!
  244. Sprint has great prices for it's service but needs to get its act together
  245. Sprint CEO Hesse gets $2.6 million dollar bonus
  246. Why are CDMA phones are still noticeably thicker than GSM phones in 2009?
  247. Giving correct information and helping customers
  248. Comment on sprint c/s
  249. Thanks, Retention!
  250. Welcome to Now. Populaton: 49 million.