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  1. Just Got A Job as a Sprint Call Center Rep...
  2. Working for Sprint
  3. Welcome to the Sprint Employee Discussion Sub Forum
  4. Finally!
  5. Commissions Issues
  6. Stupidest Customer of the Day
  7. Employee Uniform Poll
  8. RMS issue today
  9. Instinct Advocates
  10. Vision to a palm pilot via bluetooth?
  11. Indirect Commission
  12. New plans
  13. SERO to Employee account
  14. New Esrp Policy Starting Monday!!!!!please Read
  15. Fired from Sprint for not hitting numbers.
  16. how to keep my employee plan??
  17. Sprint Getting A Little To Close On Credit Checks??
  18. SNC question
  19. Looking to be part time sales rep., how's the pay?
  20. What do you like/dislike about working for Sprint?
  21. Is this possible?
  22. Plan changes
  23. The New Commissions is a joke...
  24. Instinct on Employee Plan
  25. The affair has ended my marriage...maybe
  26. phone upgrde
  27. work for att or sprint?
  28. systems down?
  29. Warranty?
  30. Just got called for an interview...
  31. Down Payment
  32. Hi my name is.....(introduce yourself as an employee)
  33. Curious if you got this memo
  34. Asking a lot, but don't flame me!
  35. Sprint employee e-mail settings for windows mobile phones?
  36. A question for all you sprint CSR's out there
  37. question about training requirements for new employees?
  38. EDRP and SWAC question for new hire.
  39. Any full time in store sales reps?
  40. Authorized Representative
  41. ALL Retail Stores NATIONWIDE closing for the day on Aug 17th....
  42. For those who work for an Aurthorized Dealer
  43. how much does sprint salespeople make per activation?
  44. Employees: What do you think about Sprints possible sale of Nextel
  45. Going from AT&T to Sprint?
  46. Looking for Sprint OWA Link
  47. Former Sprint employee looking for help from current...
  48. Comp Help
  49. E-ticket
  50. Porting and transfering account questions
  51. $99 Curve after MIR
  52. BM&A Account Manager
  53. sprint employees wanna help a brotha out?
  54. Tuition RE-Reimbursement ... criminals.
  55. Early Termination Fees - California
  56. employee plan...
  57. Account Executive Position
  58. Question on ready now service?
  59. Sprint commision question?
  60. Background Check question
  61. Management pay
  62. Sprint benefits
  63. Question about Fraud Protection Locks
  64. corporate perks.
  65. Employee upgrades?
  66. Instinct Tommorrow! 9/16
  67. If I get an employee plan, will I have to give it up eventually?
  68. Well i have an interview at sprint and was wondering if i could get some tips
  69. Question for Sprint/Nextel indirect dealers
  70. hilton discount
  71. Diamond Early to Mid Oct in stores?
  72. resume a cancelled line?
  73. Question about hiring process/Drug test
  74. Mac mail program and @sprint e-mail.
  75. HOSTS---- say hi here
  76. Early Upgrade?
  77. diamond/pro for employees
  78. sprintwontpay.com
  79. SPrint blocked credits and adjustments to my account?
  80. What type of training class is there for a RSR?
  81. Please dont jump on me I just need help.
  82. Best Buy Employee Discounts
  83. Wireless Broadband Card - W/ wireless home network
  84. Question for sprint employee
  85. Where do I go to discuss moving to Sprint?
  86. Mail System Error
  87. Question for Store Employees
  88. Question for Sprint retail techs?
  89. **Working at Sprint (retail) thread**
  90. employephone
  91. How to i become a sales person?
  92. My insurance coverage
  93. I have an interview on Friday for a sales associate position
  94. Selling phones to Sprint Indirect Agents
  95. Sprint Announces Voluntary Separation Program. Layoffs?
  96. SNAP/FDT activations Down?
  97. Percentage of Upgrades to New Activations
  98. Employees using BBerrys and BES
  99. Question for sprint employees on activating with no contract
  100. ESN# Check Please!!
  101. Background check?
  102. ASL Dept
  103. Blackberry 8350i "launch"
  104. Bring Tim Donahue back!!!
  105. Any sprint CSR's familiar with SERO that can answer a ?
  106. Got a transfer of service plan?
  107. IPCS Can't Get Phones
  108. Sprint bumping up cost of Advangtage Club plans
  109. sero add an acct?
  110. Sprint's FDT System and a database application
  111. what's up sprint peeps?
  112. Expired Code's
  113. Sprint from Nextel
  114. Question on the new Family plans
  115. Sprint employee quit, Can I keep Wireless advantage Plan?
  116. Activate Instinct
  117. Data Plan Question
  118. Question about phone replacement insurance
  119. Looking for contact email of phone number for coverage issue
  120. Looking to work with Sprint.
  121. Any RadioShack indirect agents?
  122. Touch Pro Cracked Chrome Question
  123. Hosts Gone - Complete Chaos Ensues
  124. Promotion to lead...payraise?
  125. Vendor employee seeks advice from real Sprint employee
  126. Data code
  127. SWAC Accounts
  128. Sprint Secret Savings Back End Link
  129. My dealer closed abruptly, what happens to my line?
  130. Becoming part of the Sprint family?
  131. Proof of corrupt corporate practices
  132. blackberry curve on indirect employee plan?
  133. Internet Accesss
  134. any takers?
  135. employment at sprint store?
  136. Best way to get a job at Sprint retail store?
  137. What will they ask at interview?! (HELP!)
  138. Sprint-Nextel Employment Verification #
  139. Pre on SWAC - workaround - opinions?
  140. Sprint Cutting $20 download credit for 3rd party dealer lines...
  141. When does Sprint put their phones on sale?
  142. sprint instinct phone/flash
  143. Can an employee help me out?
  144. I really need an employee's help!
  145. any way to check a ESN on a Instinct without a plan?
  146. Sprint Agents, Retail reps: Pre on your employee plan?
  147. SOC code question for Employees
  148. How do I fix this
  149. Palm Pre Cost
  150. Sprint Store Sign
  151. Bestbuy mobile employees?
  152. Selling for sprint
  153. Stupid Customer Action of the Day...
  154. Question about Sprint data and WiFi
  155. Applied for Technical Consultant position (but not a current Sprint employee)
  156. Gripes about Sprint Employees
  157. New Indirect Employee but got Corporate Employee Plan?
  158. When wil the Tour be avail for call center employees?
  159. Wanting to apply to sprint
  160. Interview in Atlanta, GA
  161. Business to Business Commission...tell me what you think...
  162. New Employee Here
  163. Sprint ESN troubles
  164. Blackberry Tour on indirect account
  165. indirect plan
  166. Sprint Surveys Rigged
  167. 3rd party employee plan offically losing the $20 download credit
  168. ESN check
  169. Training
  170. Tricks and Secrets for Employee's
  171. New employees
  172. esn database
  173. Indirect Employee Plan
  174. Getting Hired
  175. Samsung Moment on 3rd party employee plan
  176. Overdrive on Employee Plan?
  177. Fired for using open door policy
  178. thinking of going to sprint, opinions?
  179. How do I read this
  180. What are the employee phone benefits like?
  181. What to expect in terms of salary?
  182. Dara & Win7
  183. Question on Tethering
  184. Cintas uniforms suck. And the meeting.
  185. Indirect Broadband Card Plan
  186. Upgrade phone question
  187. Sprint Outside Account Executives Question
  188. No good deed goes unpunished...
  189. no more mifi for employees??
  190. Exchange period for Friends & Family phone?
  191. Applied for Retail consultant..do i have to take the assesment EVERY time i apply?
  192. Master Agents
  193. What does this mean?
  194. Credit Check
  195. Sprint MSL/SPC.
  196. Prorated charges???
  197. Evo
  198. What information do I need to upgrade my employee phone @ my local Sprint Store
  199. Interview with sprint on thursday. What can i expect?
  200. Adding EVP after new service from 3d party seller?
  201. what happened to this forum?
  202. Discounts for NonProfits
  203. Can't find working TP2 at Sprint Store
  204. Samsung EPIC
  205. Sprint Employees Boost Credit
  206. Finished Interview Conducting Background Check What to expect ?!?!?!?!
  207. Quotas
  208. Hey Customer Care Reps!
  209. The value of a customer to Sprint: What is it called?
  210. Swac
  211. switching to sprint any good plans or promos coming up
  212. Double "Spending Limit Program" ceiling on first bill. Help?
  213. SWAC Upgrade
  214. becoming a sprint dealer
  215. 3000 free & clear
  216. w2??
  217. Sprint I have an interview, I need to know what they look for.
  218. where are the messages
  219. Looking for Sprint IAE
  220. will a dwai disqualify me for employment?
  221. Sprint Questions About Hiring Process
  222. Sprint CSAT for indirect ASC(authorized service center)
  223. Just had an interview with Sprint..
  224. Changing to Indirect CDMA Demo Plan
  225. Sprint Sprint pays less than its competitors?
  226. Is there currently a hiring freeze?
  227. Anyone ever resell Sprint service through Ingram Micro?
  228. just got hired
  229. Can Sprint resellers (sub dealers) sell iOS products?
  230. Any sprint employees ever have TWO meetings in one day?
  231. Question about MEID swap on $20 Free & Clear 3000 plan
  232. Training and scheduling question
  233. Job Submission Status Question...
  234. iPhone 4 & iPhone 4s Employee Freeze
  235. Sprint Need advice dumbphones...can any of them thether that i can buy now?
  236. Public IP's?
  237. Sprint Sprint store returned Equipments & accessories
  238. Sprint Joining Sprint - Any tips?
  239. FLIP FLOPS & Commissions
  240. Boost Mobile Sanyo 6780 Sprint Innuendo Dummy Phone
  241. Third Party Indirects - Flip Flopping
  242. Webmail
  243. Cant activate new Evo 4g LTE
  244. Advocate devices
  245. Sprint Sprint's FDT System - Constant Kick Outs
  246. Owners: Do you all have your own App to download on customers phones?
  247. What to expect working for Sprint and hiring process?
  248. Service Centers
  249. $15 Charge for ESN Swap and Contact transfer?
  250. What to do after interview...SUBMISSION STATUS??