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  1. ***Official Alltel/Verizon Buyout Thread***
  2. Would you be happy with Verizon buying Alltel?
  3. Multiple Lines - Should I renew now????
  4. Verizon Buys Alltel
  5. Alltel lives...
  6. Where will you go now?
  7. My Circle will probally be History
  8. "Affinity" discounts
  9. since verizon bought alltel..
  10. 89.99 500 anytime can someone compare ...
  11. Nooooooo!!!!!
  12. Poll: Alltel/verizon Merger And You
  13. How long??
  14. Divested Areas....Question
  15. Those of us who aren't in a contract
  16. Alltel U
  17. Alltel store in CT closed
  18. Alltel advantages that Verizon lacks
  19. Alltel/old WW GSM network data speeds
  20. how will this affect sprint customers
  21. Anybody notice this from the Verizon website?
  22. so what will happen in my area?
  23. Verizon Will Honor Alltel Rate Plans
  24. Where Does Chad Go Now?
  25. Will I have a chance to get out of Alltel?
  26. Verizon really isn't that bad
  27. Possible to Switch Early?
  28. Where will you go now? V.2.0
  29. What would Verizon have to offer you
  30. very CONFUSED about contract
  31. Alltell agents
  32. Replacement firmware or just replace phone?
  33. Would Alltel continue to finish the digital conversion of WW area?
  34. Verizon negotiating the purchase of Alltel
  35. Alletl Inverview?
  36. Will VZW cripple the Alltel phones when they take over?
  37. Verizon Wireless apes Alltelís MyCircle with new small businesses calling plan
  38. DOJ: Verizon Must Sell Assets, Will Look at Alltel Merger
  39. Verizon and "MY CIRCLE"-esque Move
  40. Bye, Alltel! Hello, Thunder!
  41. now that
  42. Perhaps the Real Reason Alltel was Sold?
  43. Prepaid?
  44. Every CSR agent I've spoken to say nothing will happen until 1/1/09.
  45. Verizon Backdoor number for Sarasota, FL
  46. Verizon plan change
  47. My Circle after The Merger??
  48. FCC Docs Online...
  49. Coverage Map...
  50. Chat w/Agent
  51. Switching to Alltel before buyout becomes official?
  52. No more unlimited data when VZW takes over?
  53. Possible to renew contract on old terms?
  54. Eligible for new phones....questions........
  55. Grandfathering, Month to Month
  56. Alltel Towers in Litchfield County, CT
  57. Well, I guess Alltel tried to save us from this demise
  58. BIG news. Statement from Alltel
  59. Alltel Intergration Question
  60. Verizon Back to #1 on PRLs??
  61. Combining Alltel/Verizon Phones on Alltel Plan
  62. If Verizon Wireless is planning to acquire Alltel, why all the upgrades?
  63. We are not losing our My Circles (Information Inside)
  64. 800mhz network
  65. Bluetoothing Photographs
  66. What will happen to sprint and others with roaming?
  67. question for other indirects dealers....
  68. What should i do?
  69. We will have unlimited "IN" calling
  70. thinking about alltel
  71. How will Verizon's coverage get better?
  72. u prepaid
  73. International TXT msg???
  74. New Alltel homepage???
  75. CID name delivery
  76. I wouldnt worry at all
  77. MAP: Divestiture target areas
  78. VZW could give up 15% of Alltel customers through proposed merger
  79. Alltel in NASCAR?
  80. verizon treo 650
  81. FCC ok's verizon/rural cellular merger
  82. Why is Alltel still building so many new stores?
  83. When to renew contract??
  84. Need to buy a new phone Altell or VZW?
  85. Leap asks FCC to ban Verizon-Alltel purchase
  86. Internal Alltel Doc
  87. Another Alltel loss; earlier deal blamed
  88. New VZW locations popping up
  89. Verizon says heads will roll at Alltel
  90. is verizon going to get alltel's phones?
  91. For those of you unhappy with the buyout
  92. Windstream Question
  93. And, for those being divested....
  94. Alltel / Verizon Merger no more need for contract for unlimited data
  95. What gonna happen to My Circle??
  96. I did the math
  97. ready for this to be done
  98. I have some questions that i know you all can answer
  99. MyAccount
  100. Does anybody know??
  101. Now that Alltel is Verizon Wireless When will this Forum be merged with the Verizons?
  102. How safe would you say it is to.....
  103. Scared of Alltel's Clicking Switches
  104. merger info
  105. Buy new phones?!?
  106. Could the merger close pretty soon?
  107. Merger and Credit Crisis
  108. FCC wants to bless pending wireless mergers by year end
  109. Overlapping Service
  110. Buyout still on Track?
  111. so here's whats REALLY going to happen
  112. International?
  113. Concerns Over Deal Financing Rise
  114. New Divestiture Targets Proposed
  115. Could the storm be activated on alltel?
  116. Economics, politics could force Verizon Wireless away from Alltel purchase
  117. Alltel purchase going South?
  118. FCC to rule on merger Nov. 4th
  119. Alltel Customer; Photos Post Takeover
  120. Will Verizon To Add Alltell's Features To Their Plans?
  121. The DOJ approves the Verizon-Alltel merger
  122. Oglala Sioux Tribe to assume Alltel assets?
  123. new phone/acquisition/tethering
  124. Interesting article that was released today ya'll should know about......
  125. the new samsung delve
  126. when can we activate alltel phones on verizon?
  127. anyone know what the heck is going on in Charleston, WV
  128. Additional additional divestiture targets?
  129. 7pm nights?
  130. Will there be an opt out after merger?
  131. 1-800-ALLTEL-1 answered "Thanks for calling verizon wireless"
  132. How will this affect Verizon's Unicel properties?
  133. When?
  134. Fcc Approves Verizon / Alltel Merger!!!
  135. What about Alltel Agents?
  136. Will Verizons phone work on the Alltell Towers
  137. Do you think alltel will see PTT?
  138. Divested to whom?
  139. Map; Divestures From Approval
  140. List of Alltel/Unicel/Verizon Markets to be divested
  141. Verizontel Talk -- What's The Plan For My Plan?
  142. so now that this is official what will happen to the networks?
  143. Customer Location a factor?
  144. Alltel Tethering...
  145. Date?
  146. Locking in features
  147. "IN"
  148. Verizon rate discount for alltel customers
  149. Why isn't the merger on the VZW or Alltel Web?
  150. Can't keep my number; when will merger be completed?
  151. Divestiture Question
  152. Question?????
  153. FCC provides VZW/Alltel details
  154. Wisconsin coverage - post merger
  155. No early termination fees
  156. Alltel To Employees: Verizon Deal Won't Close This Year
  157. SE Alabama/Divestion/To whom?
  158. Will Alltel allow plan changes post Merger?
  159. "Blue" Customers
  160. What going to happen with prepaid plans?
  161. when alltel switches to verizon..
  162. Merger
  163. Judge to review whether Verizon can buy 22 Alltel markets
  164. read this...verizon buys qwest in az
  165. FTC Clears Verizon/Alltel Buy out !!!
  166. Will Alltel agents get a contract to sell Verizon, when the merger goes through.
  167. Will Alltel phones work on Verizon right now?
  168. Verizon Pays Big Interest But Gets Financing For Deal
  169. when do we think this will happen
  170. New Phone - In Contract
  171. Official closing date for Alltel/Verizon Merger is 1/9
  172. Will Verizon have as good a signal as Alltel?
  173. Questions about merger
  174. who to possibly sign up with now???
  175. Who Knows
  176. Divested areas?
  177. GSM roaming
  178. Non-Divested and HST Market Processes
  179. Divested Market Processes
  180. Georgia Divested v. NonDivested Areas
  181. Website Change
  182. Verizon Agents in Divested Areas
  183. Judge rules Verizon can acquire 22 former Bell Atlantic/GTE markets
  184. get verizon when calling *228?
  185. VZNavigator Coverage Expanded
  186. AlltelU prepaid-where to activate in Ohio
  187. Market transfers/number changes in divested markets
  188. Question...
  189. M2M to subscribers who are divested?
  190. Integration to take a year
  191. Moving to a verizon branded product after 1/9
  192. 2 phones out of contract 1 in...
  193. New Merger Information 1-5-09!!!!
  194. Verizon Discounts - Alltel Plan
  195. Verizon Discounts - Alltel Plan
  196. Buying used Alltel phones after merger
  197. Question regarding Alltel.....
  198. Preparing phones for merger
  199. A Question about This Merger
  200. What does this mean for Non-Divested?
  201. take your guess on the biggest divested buyer
  202. U.S. Cellular To Buy Divested Markets?
  203. Porting question
  204. Migration to Verizon
  205. VZW & My Circle - How would you react?
  206. Over the phone activation problems PLS HELP!
  207. Early contract upgrade
  208. Agents ARC
  209. verizon we R waiting.......
  210. Significance of January 9 for Merger?
  211. Verizon Wireless Completes Purchase of Alltel; Creates Nation's Largest Wireless Carr
  212. Verizon Wireless Completes Purchase of Alltel; Creates Nation's Largest Wireless Carr
  213. Verizontel has spoken!
  214. Hardware crossing the merger
  215. Allzon
  216. Alltel customers in Verizon Divested Markets
  217. Alltel Users Will Keep My Circle....PLUS!
  218. Migration to Verizon QUESTION!!!
  219. Alltel Prepaid
  220. Question about the merger
  221. Post Buyout PRL?
  222. Moving a Verizon number to my Alltel phone.
  223. Alltel Maintenance?
  224. Verizon Timetable So Far
  225. Big Deal 4g
  226. My alltel verizon mug
  227. alltel phones on verizon?
  228. My last rant as an Alltel customer!
  229. Transition period how long?
  230. Who is switching right away?
  231. Hypothetical tech question
  232. New Non-Divested PRL -- xxx34 Series
  233. Looks like "divested" MyAccount now back to normal
  234. Interesting Verizon Ad in Newspaper Today
  235. Where did "IN" Calling Go?
  236. ALLTEL New Years Commercial
  237. Alltel now part of the IN network
  238. How long will M2M last Alltel-V and Alltel-Divested
  239. Am I brilliant or stupid?
  240. Question about adding a line...
  241. Coverage question since merger
  242. tethering after the merger
  243. InPulse Coverage Expands...What about Alltel U?
  244. Whoa! VZW now showing EVDO on Alltel
  245. Prolly already answered, but clarify plz? quick question
  246. Cleveland, Ohio Alltel Customer
  247. Jan-22-09 New PRL/Non-Divested Customer
  248. My Account bookmark changed by Verizon
  249. Updated PRL to 30035; what about Prepaid?
  250. Alltel still signing up new customers?