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  1. The First of the New Players?
  2. Tell WIND Mobile What You Think!
  3. Globalive or Yak?
  4. Not in Quebec?
  5. Top 6 Ideas
  6. Yak in Newfoundland?
  7. http://wirelesssoapbox.com
  8. Watch Globalive Communications Corp.'s CEO, Anthony Lacavera
  9. Wireless for Payment?
  10. What Phones Do You People Suggest That Globalive Should Carry?
  11. The 3G Standard
  12. Will These Phones Work on Globalive's 1700Mhz?
  13. What Carrier Are You With? Will You Leave Them?
  14. GSM Bands, UMTS Only?
  15. Learn From Koodo - Low to Mid Market is Where to Be
  16. Go Google Android?
  17. Prices Won't Be so Cheap
  18. Will Globalive Offer Ad-Sponsored Wireless Service?
  19. Blackberry Plan for Yak?
  20. Need to Have a Pic. Beside This Board!
  21. All About the AWS Spectrum Frequencies
  22. When Will Globalive Launch Their Services?
  23. Wireless Data - How Important is It Really?
  24. Globalive Should Start to Pre-sell Campaign Soon
  25. Who Wants a Job With Globalive?
  26. Hey Globalive, Don't Be Stupid, Offer a CityFido Type Plan at Launch!
  27. MyScreen Mobile Partners With Globalive to Bring Ads to Your Mobile
  28. Is This Going to Be Globalive's Customer Service Level?
  29. I Hate the Big Three!
  30. Globalive Appoints New CEO of Globalive Wireless
  31. How Many MHz of Spectrum Has Globalive in Each Market?
  32. Do You Like Tracefone International Neighbors?
  33. Seriously?
  34. Lock-in Promos Are Starting at Best Buy Mobile
  35. Hiptop on Globalive?
  36. The Competition is Already Here!
  37. Tony Lacavera Will Be Speaking at Mobile Monday Event on Dec 1st
  38. Globalive May Sell Smartphones at $200 Contract Free
  39. Globalive Launch July 2009?
  40. Globalive Compatible Phones
  41. Rumours of Roaming on Rogers When Globalive is Up
  42. Don't Be Evil (Like Bell)
  43. I Am Excited, But...
  44. Linux Phones Ready for Launch Worldwide, Maybe Globalive?
  45. Is This What I Should Expect From Our New Carrier?
  46. Basic Information About Globalive Servce
  47. Globalive Hires Clean Sheet for Q4
  48. Looks like Globalive is in Trouble
  49. Globalive to Hire 1,000 People As It Prepares to Launch
  50. Cheap Mobile Email - See GetPeek.com
  51. Good News?
  52. Will Globalive Carry the Sidekick 3G?
  53. Telus is Afraid of Globalive
  54. How Much Longer Before We Can See Some Pricing?
  55. What Anthony Lacavera Thinks About Telus
  56. Globalive Stock
  57. Globalive Towers
  58. Don't Make Us Pay to Tether, Data is Data
  59. $54.99 Unlimited Calling
  60. First Successful AWS Network Test Call
  61. Anthony Lacavera Interview
  62. Interview With Globalive CEO Tony Lacavera
  63. Globalive GSM or CDMA?
  64. Does Yak Callback Work With Prepaid Phones?
  65. Globalive Chooses Bandwith Provider for It's Network
  66. Globalive = No iPhone Support?
  67. Globalive Chooses Nokia Siemens for 3G Rollout
  68. New Globalive Update Today
  69. Rogers Now or Wait for Globalive
  70. Globalive Brand - WIND Mobile
  71. T-Mobile 3G Phone With WIND?
  72. Globalive Leaked Plans?
  73. The First WIND Ad I've Seen
  74. 'Another Important Milestone: Our First Call'
  75. Saw Someone Wearing a WIND T-shirt Today!
  76. Anyone Here Attending the WIND Orientation and Interview?
  77. New Globalive Article
  78. Pricing Speculation
  79. WIND Employment
  80. WIND Answers Some Questions
  81. WIND Mobile & MyScreen Join Forces. Ads Coming to a Phone Near You!
  82. Samsung Vice R561 Information Thread
  83. Status of Hiring in Calgary
  84. WIND Will Allow Unlocked Phones (That Are Compatible)
  85. Number Portability to WIND?
  86. WIND Mobile Launch Date
  87. Blackberry on WIND?
  88. Who is WIND Hiring?
  89. WIND Mobile Chooses Telepin Software to Provide Mobile Transactions Solutions
  90. What is the WIND Mobile GSM Spectrum and Nokia n900 Support
  91. Goodbye Rogers/Fido GSM, Hello WIND!
  92. Samsung i7500 Galaxy on WIND Mobile
  93. Network Answers *Please Read*
  94. WIND Outsourcing Their Call Centre?
  95. Information on Becoming a WIND Dealer
  96. My Interview With Anthony Lacavera (Video)
  97. WIND Mobile Towers Info?
  98. WIND Mobile Training Dates
  99. Worth It to Wait?
  100. Any Details / Rumours on Plans Yet?
  101. What Was the Last Straw That Made You Want to Change?
  102. More WIND Info About Launch
  103. Is There a Thread or Post About Which Cities Are on Launch Date?
  104. WIND Mobile Marketing on YouTube
  105. Will WIND Have Any Retail Store Outlets or Will They Be Sold at Multi-carrier Stores?
  106. Tech Support?
  107. WIND Presence in Quebec?
  108. Globalive Own Numbers
  109. Policy on Stolen Phones?
  110. WIND Mobile Launch Info and Handsets
  111. Yak Will Be Launching As Well
  112. 'CAN 490' NMC Code?
  113. WIND Mobile Retail Locations
  114. I Don't Live in GTA
  115. Poll for Selecting a Carrier
  116. Hiring in Edmonton?
  117. WIND Mobile Blackberry (windmobile.blackberry.com)
  118. WIND Mobile Voice Plans, Per Second or Per Minute?
  119. Telus is Reacting With 'Clear and Simple Pricing'
  120. Unlocked Android on WIND?
  121. WIND Plan Info!
  122. Of Course TELUS Would Comment First!
  123. iPhone & WIND's Future
  124. BGR Sits Down With WIND CEO Ken Campbell
  125. WIND Let Employees Go
  126. Alternatives to WIND
  127. WIND Mobile Stores (and Toronto History Lesson)
  128. MTS + WIND = Love?
  129. WIND Network Build
  130. Would You Buy Shares in WIND to Make Them Canadian Owned?
  131. WIND is Not Going Anywhere
  132. Globalive Song
  133. WIND Still Building Towers
  134. WIND Kicks Off Random Acts of Kindness Campaign
  135. WIND Coverage Area?
  136. WIND Equipment in Oshawa
  137. Everything You Wanted to Know About WIND
  138. Paying ECF to Support WIND
  139. What Phone Would You Want?
  140. Telus Vs. Rogers: Trying to Steer Perception of Competition
  141. WIND is Gambling?
  142. Don't Get Your Hopes Up
  143. WIND Admits Not Much Chance of Launching This Christmas
  144. Don't Expect Anything in 2009?
  145. WIND YouTube Song - Part 2
  146. Salary, Commission, Benefits at WIND?
  147. Blockbuster Kiosks Are Open
  148. Rant - Why Would You Consider Leaving Your Current.. What Can WIND Do to Make You..
  149. WIND Mobile Might As Well Make a Petition or Something
  150. Summary of What We Know About WIND so Far
  151. WIND Network is Ready to Provide Service?
  152. Tony Clement Decision Poll
  153. Customer Service? Does That Exist Today?
  154. TELUS Sinks to a New Low
  155. WIND Roaming Questions
  156. WIND = SIM Card?
  157. Is WIND Not Running on GSM at All?
  158. Nokia N900
  159. Will WIND Require a Credit Check?
  160. Interested to See How Far You Live From a WIND Mobile Tower?
  161. Globalive Speaks at MobileMonday Toronto - HD Video
  162. Glorious Victory - Globalive is Launching!
  163. OMG! Yes, WIND is Coming!
  164. Which Store Are YOU Lining up at on Launch Day?
  165. After All This, I'm Going to Laugh My Butt Off If...
  166. Just a Feel Good Moment for Those Who Are WIND Supporters
  167. WIND Mobile in Quebec/Montreal?
  168. Will the Motorola Milestone aka Droid Work on Windmobile?
  169. WIND Mobile Italy
  170. WIND Mobile in Vancouver?
  171. WIND Mobile Plans?
  172. Spectrum in Saskatchewan?
  173. Plans and Pricing!
  174. Who Else is Going to Pay a $400 ECF?
  175. WIND Mobile Launch Announcement (Video)
  176. Whooaa! Look at the Views on this Forum
  177. Infastructure?
  178. Phones! BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung, Huawei
  179. New Lower-end / 'Middle of the Road' Brand Coming?
  180. Motorola's New 3G Radio = Less Phone Confusion
  181. Globalive Website Redirect?
  182. Three Unrelated Questions About WIND Mobile: Pronunciation, Expansion, Restriction
  183. Those of You Saying These Leaked Plans Aren't Great...
  184. Oakville/North York/Vaughan WIND Stores?
  185. WIND Vs. the Rest
  186. Open Advice to WIND
  187. Globalive's (WIND) Coverage in Ontario
  188. T-mobile HTC Touch Pro 2 on WIND?
  189. What Do You Think Will Happen to Current Data Rates Once Wind ...?
  190. Your Next Phone is a GPhone, Maybe on WIND?
  191. Handset Prices?
  192. WIND and UMA?
  193. How WIND Will Change the World (Well, Canadian Wireless Anyways)
  194. SAF and Emergency Fees
  195. In All Fairness, Roaming Fees?
  196. International Texting?
  197. Any Store Started Selling Yet?
  198. Does WIND Have a Roaming Partner?
  199. One Word: Coverage
  200. New Google Phone! Also, Will Probably Work on WIND!
  201. January 4,2010
  202. Data Speeds?
  203. Would This Pressure Bell and Rogers to Start Using Their Own 1700MHz Frequency?
  204. Most Optimal Phone?
  205. Apple iPhone Market Research (WIND)
  206. More Interesting Info on WIND
  207. (New Thread) Since Most of You Don't Get It - WIND Mobile = Free Long Distance
  208. Chain Dialing to Use Yak LD?
  209. WIND Data Roaming?
  210. Why Does WIND Ignore Everybody on Their Site? Answer Something!
  211. Video of Tony Holding New Phones
  212. Using WIND Mobile Italy As a Guide to What to Expect in Canada?
  213. WIND Mobile (Canada) at Wikipedia
  214. WIND's Leaked Plans Too Complicated!
  215. Something You Notice When Looking at the WIND Price Points
  216. Voice Mail, Who Needs It?
  217. Globalive's Current Pricing
  218. CountryFido Vs. WIND? Is Canada Roaming Included on WIND Network?
  219. For Those Who Say Unlimited Calling is Not Required!
  220. Will WIND Have an Impact on Landline Phone Service?
  221. Not Launching Today?
  222. WIND Mobile Officially Launching This Wednesday!
  223. Call Handoffs Between Rogers and WIND Base Stations
  224. Confirmed WIND Stores That Are Ready or Not
  225. All the Hype But Will the Service Reception Be Good?
  226. Willl WIND Have a Retentions Department?
  227. Wind and DAVE Phones? Network Question
  228. What Won't You Miss?
  229. Feature Idea
  230. I Have a Genuine Concern for WIND
  231. Pay-per-use Data?
  232. Two Brands?
  233. iPhoneincanada/CBC States WIND is Launching Wednesday
  234. What I Want: Family Plan, Share Everything!
  235. Official Launch: Dec 16th!
  236. Does Anything Prevent WIND From Being Bought Out?
  237. Blackberry 9700 on WIND Confirmed
  238. Network Expansion
  239. Time for WINDMobile.HowardForums.com?
  240. SIM Card for Sale?
  241. WIND As an ISP Provider in GTA?
  242. Using WIND As Home Internet?
  243. What Network Does WIND Mobile Use?
  244. How to Cancel Your Contract for Free* (So You Can Switch to WIND)
  245. Which HSPA 3G Does WIND Use? HSPA or HSPA+?
  246. Revised Plans
  247. Network Building Question
  248. Is This the Beginning of: Unlimited Calling?
  249. So, No Sidekick?
  250. Live -Tweeting the Official Launch