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  1. What will Sprint do with its 900mhz freq
  2. Clearwire promises a fully-open, "third pipe" WiMAX network
  3. Wimax to launch in September in Baltimore
  4. Will Sprint Xohm/WiMax have data limits?
  5. will wimax have a good reception at home?
  6. WiMax is *really* not looking good
  7. XOHM WiMAX from Sprint Dropping Next Month; No, Really
  8. Sprint leaks XOHM WiMax service details and devices
  9. Clearwire Investors Presentation on Wimax. (pdf)
  10. Legal challenge trying to block Sprint-Clearwire WiMax deal moves on
  11. wimax phones
  12. WiMax Update: Sprint is still on track
  13. Oh yea, XOHM is Live in Baltimore.
  14. Five reasons why WiMax is not convincing just yet
  15. Informative Article on WiMax
  16. wimax is looking good!
  17. xohm anyone?
  18. Stop!
  19. Hew WIMAX devices now avaliable in Bmore, hon!
  20. Clearwire Eyes Los Angeles Mobile WiMax
  21. Finally!
  22. Up & Running In DC Suburbs
  23. IPCS Withdraws Injunction Request
  24. Xohm WiMAX
  25. WiMax Modem Antenna?
  26. news: Conference Call 12-01 10AM Regarding XOHM/ ClearWire Future
  27. Sprint-Clearwire WiMAX news coming Monday
  28. do wimax phones use sim cards?
  29. Kansas City soon?
  30. CDMA/WiMax Modem $150
  31. Sprint 4G $79.99/month
  32. Oh, yea, it's WIMAX suit time!
  33. WiMAX: Not Dead Yet
  34. Street.com: Sprint's New 4G Demon
  35. Who says you can't run VoIP over WIMAX? The Koreans are!
  36. WIMAX Voice?
  37. Chicago Rollout Delayed?
  38. Clearwire unveils cheaper mobile WiMAX plans in Portland
  39. WiMAX 2009 Update
  40. Nokia Pulls N810 WiMax Tablets
  41. DC, Dallas, and Philly
  42. Upgrades of old Clearwire Network?
  43. Portable WiMAX Wi-Fi Router
  44. Clear/XOHM - Get your questions answered
  45. atlanta's launch date?
  46. What Does WiMAX Look Like Anyway??
  47. Sprint has The Need For Speed!
  48. Fortune Article on WiMAX
  49. WiMax Coming Soon to Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Washington, D.C.
  50. Anyone Have The Sprint U300?
  51. WiMax Sprint Phone in 2010
  52. WiMax in the largest cities
  53. Mobile World Congress: HSPA, WiMAX & LTE Faceoff
  54. Will Clearwire get money from Obama's Stimulus Package?
  55. WiMAX 4G Is Ahead of Verizon's LTE, Sprint Says
  56. Any Houston news?
  57. do wimax phones use sim cards?
  58. Android WiMAX Phone Is Expected This Year.
  59. Harris Stratex buys Telsima for $12Mil
  60. Nokia moves on...
  62. Clear WiMax
  63. Is Clear Prepaid?
  64. How WiMAX Works
  65. Clearwire has New CEO
  66. Sprint keeping its options open with LTE
  67. Push For Rural Broadband Intesified
  68. Introducing Comcast WiMax
  69. Comcast Gearing Up to Resell WiMax
  70. LTE:Where's The Spectrum?
  71. Xohm Mall Kiosks closed down?
  72. Samsung unveils Mondi WiMax device for Clearwire
  73. Sizing up the Competitive Opportunities for Verizon and Clearwire
  74. Stumbling block for VZW's LTE?
  75. Pocket Sized Hotspot "Clear Spot"
  76. Whats up with the 4G network ?
  77. Sneak Peek At New WiMAX 4G Phones?
  78. when clear will come to NYC?
  79. Upgrading Old Clearwire Markets
  80. WiMAX Update
  81. I cna only sign for mobile services, not @ home
  82. Can you move ur home spot?
  83. Nokia n810 WiMAX Edition
  84. How Wimax can retool the power grid
  85. WiMAX and LTE in Chicago
  86. Clear WiMAX Now Available In Atlanta
  87. Clear WiMAX Up Next: Las Vegas
  88. Clear and Cisco Team For National WiMAX Infrastructure
  89. My Clear 4G Experience (Portland)
  90. Bill Morrow Fires Back Against Anti-WiMAX Sentiments
  91. Interview with WiMax ROI Expert Randall Schwartz from Wireless 20/20
  92. Verizon vs Sprint not LTE vs WiMAX
  93. Clear 4G WiMAX Now Available In Las Vegas
  94. Sprint to Release Tri-Mode 4G Phone, Says 4G May Hit Unexpected Cities
  95. HTC Touch ProHD?
  96. Chicago???
  97. Sprint: How Soon Is '4G Now'?
  98. Miami Launch?
  99. Saudi Mobily: $100m For Samsung WiMAX
  100. 4G Standard Defined
  101. Clearwire CEO sees no threat from LTE
  102. Clear Adds Coverage In Portland
  103. Rural Wimax expansion
  104. Italy Soon Blanketed With Mobile WiMAX
  105. Global 4G WiMAX Roaming
  106. Does airwave boost data reception?
  107. mysterious HTC WiMax device passed FCC
  108. Comcast Launching High-speed 2Go
  109. Post Your 4G WiMAX speeds
  110. Clear WiMax close to launch in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Chicago
  111. Clear Services, Portland : Testimonial + Real coverage map
  112. Official Las Vegas launch set for July 21st
  113. Sprint 4G Coverage Maps: Atlanta, Las Vegas, Portland
  114. A little WIMAX PR announced today!
  115. Time Warner To Resell 4G WiMAX
  116. Sprint WiMax roadmap leaked?
  117. CLEAR 4G Service in 10 New Markets on September 1, 2009 - Doubles Upload Speeds
  118. Fiber and Wireless: Key for Backhaul?
  119. Mobile Citizen: $10/mo WiMAX for Education
  120. PocketiNET
  121. China To Get WiMAX After All
  122. Huawei: Clearwire WiMAX Supplier
  123. Coffee Shops Unplug Laptop Users; WiMAX Plugs Them Back In
  124. Sprint 4G: The 17 new markets for 2009
  125. Clearwire Launches WiMAX in Atlanta, Vegas, Portland
  126. Future Bleak for WiMAX?
  127. news: SPRINT Quietly Drops Bundled WIMAX-3G Price
  128. Q & A with Bill Morrow 8.24.09
  129. Clearwire acknowledges 'modest' request for broadband stimulus funds
  130. Sprint U301
  131. Mac OS X Compatibility Available For Clear Data Card
  132. WiMAX equipment market jumps 12% in 2Q09
  133. Clearwire Hires Fresh Face to Sell Wireless to the Wired
  134. Sprint 4G Blazes into Boise
  135. Wimax phone
  136. How 'bout some island Wimax, mon?!
  137. Sprint 4G: Salem, OR.
  138. Brazil: Wireless Broadband Now!
  139. Motorola: WiMAX Gear Goes 4×4
  140. Anyone ventured down to Eugene/Springfield yet?
  141. DragonWave: Faster, Cheaper Backhaul
  142. Clearwire Launches CLEAR 4G WiMAX Innovation Network in Silicon Valley
  143. Clearwire not wedded to WiMax
  144. Customers Unhappy With Early Clearwire Launches
  145. "Sprint willing to fill Clearwire's coffers"
  146. Guess who's going to the Chicago Launch party :)
  147. Chicago: Sprint 4G Oct. 6th
  148. Video Surveillance Via WiMAX
  149. Clearwire’s Spectrum: The Crown Jewels
  150. 4G World 2009: Chicago, IL. Sept 15-18th
  151. Samsung SHC-M830: Sprint's 4G Phone?
  152. WiMAX's Role in Untangling Traffic Problems
  153. C-motech 3G/4G/WiFi Smartbook "Mangrove"
  154. WiMax went live in Philly last night
  155. Clearwire Launches Services In New Oregon, Georgia Markets
  156. A WiMAX phone for $75? WiMAX operators' views on devices
  157. WiMAX Rel 1.0 Rel 1.5 Rel 1.6 Rel 2.0
  158. WiMAX II 802.16m News
  159. Moto USBw 200 Dongle
  160. IMT-Advanced Submitted to ITU
  161. Wireless Wizard 4.5
  162. F/S Sprint usb 3g/4g modem
  163. Time Warner announces WiMax Service
  164. 3rd Quarter Earnings call for Clearwire - Nov. 10th
  165. Clearwire stock gets upgrade; analyst confident in company's momentum
  166. How Clear/Sprint Operate
  167. U300 WiMAX Certificate Update Tool
  168. 10 New 4G Markets Chicago, Dallas, Charlotte, More
  169. Clearwire gearing up for Orlando?
  170. Wimax gets a big win
  171. New Mifi with 3G+4G?
  172. should i take the plunge?
  173. Could WiMax Lead to Sprint's Demise
  174. Take a tour of South Korea's WiMAX service
  175. Clear's 3Q results
  176. Comcast Testing WiMAX Femtocells
  177. Clear Home in Portland: VOIP? networking?
  178. Sprint launches 4G service in San Antonio, Austin
  179. Alleged iPhone 4G Parts Appear in China
  180. Gaming with Wimax and 5 G cap
  181. Road Runner Mobile coming to Dallas Customers on December 1
  182. Mexico's MVS Plans Broadband Deal With Clearwire
  183. Pace of Expansion
  184. NEW! 3G/4G Pricing $30.00/ $50.00 / $59.99
  185. Service launches in Seattle and Hawaii today
  186. Morrow says no WiMax phones till 2nd half 2010
  187. Samsung SPH-M8400 (aka SHOW Omnia)
  188. WiMAX Forum: Good to Go
  189. Clearwire the industry darling again
  190. WiMAX vs. LTE "War" over?....
  191. Switch between EVDO only device and U300?
  192. New 4G President, Where You At!
  193. where to buy wimax cpe
  194. Cell tower at Westlake MS in Broomfield could prop up revenues
  195. 4G Wireless Managers & Sales Consultants in Philly needed
  196. Sprint 4G Desktop Modem
  197. North Chicagoland ... working but weak
  198. Sprint looks to headline CES with 4G news
  199. Clear TV ads
  200. Clear 2010 Roadmap?
  201. WiMAX's Model Startup?
  202. High quality live TV over WiMAX in Asia Pacific
  203. 4G MiFi From Sierra Wireless Soon !!
  204. Clearwire stayed ahead in big year for WiMax
  205. Sprint, LG, Microsoft To Intro WinMo WiMax Phone?
  206. Clearwire: "We will build LTE if the LTE ecosystem has bypassed WiMax."
  207. My First Impressions - Sprint "Overdrive"
  208. Any Baltimore Xohm to Clear users not billed in December?
  209. Rumor: Sprint Working with Walmart on WiMax Build Out
  210. How CLEAR is Changing the Game for Small & Medium Business
  211. Beamforming
  212. Clearwire to Launch First Metropolitan 4G Network in Malaga, Spain
  213. GSMA wants 2.5GHz spectrum devoted to LTE, not WiMax
  214. 4GSmartphones & 75 of the Top 100 Markets by Years End
  215. Sprint cuts $10 off its unlimited 3G/4G mobile broadband plan
  216. Clear Offering 2 New Modems
  217. Sierra Overdrive Hotspot?
  218. Clearwire Not Rushing to Test 'WiMax 2'
  219. HTC Supersonic WiMAX phone (aka HTC A9292)?
  220. Can Clear take up to a terabyte of usage?
  221. ASUS Eee PC 1005PEG includes WiMAX
  222. Any Sprint U301 users having problems?
  223. Chicago Speeds
  224. Seamless Hand Offs With WiMAX
  225. Ubee PXU1900, the New USB WiMAX Modem for CLEAR
  226. In-Stat: 4G LTE Gated by 3G Success, not WiMAX
  227. Help Me Fix 4g In Chicago!!!!!
  228. Hopefuly Clear wasnt counting on Alcatel-Lucent...
  229. Tower Locations in Chicago
  230. Time Warner Cable To Increase in WiMax Investment
  231. Cradlepoint "Tablerock" coming soon
  232. Dell Mini 10 with Wimax built-in
  233. Overdrive with SERO?
  234. The HTC Scorpion is poised to strike later this year
  235. The USB Performance Dock is worth every cent
  236. WiMAX In Haiti
  237. WiMAX/LTE combo chip being developed
  238. Difference between old Clearwire and Clear?
  239. WiMAX: US Takeup Slow
  240. Overdrive™ 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Sierra Wireless
  241. WiMax site to site handoff
  242. LTE Roaming: 700MHz, 2100MHz and 2600MHz
  243. Clearwire Update: Next Up Houston, TX
  244. Overdrive Firmware Update v1.07 2/24/10
  245. Washington DC coverage?
  246. Check signal without an account?
  247. Plan changes?
  248. any idea when Phoenix will see some WiMax love?
  249. Verizon plays the obvious card: its 4G trials are faster than 3G
  250. Another one bites the dust: Cisco steps out of the WiMAX game