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  1. Official VZW Rant Thread (discontinued)
  2. VZ users beware: DO NOT ask to speak to a VZ supervisor!!
  3. What can I do....long time cusotmer and I feel screwed by VZ
  4. VZ Corporate store and a return, this shouldn't happen
  5. thank you
  6. Verizon leaves bad taste........
  7. Verizon data roaming
  8. Excellent Cusotmer Service
  9. dumbest thing Ive ever heard for an exuse
  10. If you're going to be CHEAP stay off Verizon!!!!!
  11. more verizon hassles
  12. First impressions of Verizon...(not good)...
  13. Feeling scammed
  14. WTF should I do, I am so mad about my expierence at VZ
  15. ETFs don't make sense...
  16. *KUDOS* to Verizon rep
  17. Really? Verizon switching to GSM? (:lol:)
  18. VZW website annoying msg: "Due to inactivity, session will end in appx 15 minutes"
  19. Seriously....
  20. Kudos To Tallahassee Store
  21. upset about the unknow availability of the LG Ally
  22. New theme is....
  23. Dataplan question!!!
  24. verizon changing phone upgrade dates?
  25. Update
  26. Reception is HORRIBLE
  27. Did Verizon screw up BIG TIME or what?
  28. Another story of Verizon CS taking care of store incompetence.
  29. After 8 year VZW just did enough to make me leave.
  30. Horrible Technical Service
  31. Verizon feedback site?
  32. Should we still be paying extra for text?
  33. Rule The Air? Really??
  34. bad experience with verizon and assurion
  35. Kudos to Mobile, AL store!
  36. If any of you have asurion insurance on your phones, drop it now.
  37. Could VZW have like 1 decent smart phone?
  38. This ridiculous, Verizon has me by the curlys and they don't even have an answer!
  39. Verizon Handset for Vision Impaired
  40. My VZW "customer service" headache
  41. Excellent Droid 2 Review
  42. VZW Txt Msg SPAM in Spanish
  43. Like days of old :2thumbs:
  44. Speed's declining? Voice quality degraded.
  45. Anybody Else Anticipating the R2-D2 Droid Phone?
  46. Voice, data decline and now customer service?
  47. Puerto Rico coverage map
  48. Verizon eliminated instant online discount with their most popular Android OS phones
  49. Bad Customer Service - Very disappointed!!
  50. Thank you to VZW Global Services
  51. ENV3 Problems
  52. samsung intensity 2 problems.
  53. rant backup assistant over 3g only now sucks
  54. Network problem?
  55. How long does it take to port a number?
  56. An "I hate 'My Account' "Rant
  57. LG Fathom [Any dev's looking into this?]
  58. Another reason to love Verizon Wireless' data plans
  59. Verizon Verizon Wireless, the wrong choice
  60. New return policy for defective phones?
  61. Verizon's worst customer and this is why..
  62. Verizon Hideous customer service at store-level, or am I misinterpreting this?
  63. Verizon My on-line chat with Verizon Rep...
  64. Verizon disappointed in LTE phone rollout
  65. Need Input Verizon Customer Service
  66. Verizon Anyone ever buy a used from from legitimate source and it was still activated?
  67. Verizon Warning Text from VZW, possible overage charges
  68. 3 months left with Verizon. Eligable upgrade is a joke & I'm sick of Verizon& lies
  69. Verizon Seriously made my day!!
  70. Man, Verizon CS is absolutely brutal...
  71. Verizon - Sorry we sold you this known POS, but you bought it so its your problem now
  72. Verizon Great speeds on lte speedtest
  73. Verizon Becoming an independent Agent for yourself
  74. Seriously Verizon? Same problem for over 1 year... Panama City Beach, FL
  75. Class Action & True Tiered Data.
  76. Just a Rant
  77. 1GB/$20/Mon Data Plan debacle, false and misleading advertising??
  78. Verizon shut down its Forums Login???
  79. Roaming in western Maryland; any insights?
  80. .:Really Insurance Wont Transfer To A Used Phone!?:.
  81. Bing!
  82. Verizon Feeling deceived by tethering charge policy
  84. Verizon is amazing
  85. Verizon not allowing Get It Now for Backup Assistant on 3 year old phones
  86. NFL Mobile is now $10 month!
  87. Is mobile data a Joke? (Why pay 30.00 a month for slow internet)
  88. Verizon Grandfathered Unlimited Data for Verizon up for grabs.
  89. iPhone Preorder Experience
  90. Verizon in CT, horrible voice quality
  91. VZW loses another customer, not competative for data, needs family share data
  92. I think All Wireless services are way too expesive
  93. VZW, here's a hint: make sure your friggin' display models actually work
  94. I just wanted to hold them...
  95. Verizon Add a line u/l data policy?
  96. nfl network?
  97. Why is it called Verizon "Wireless"?
  98. Verizon RANT: Bad luck or Poor Customer Service?
  99. LTE mifi with wifi storage?
  100. VRW, customer service, LOL
  101. Will verizon ever get Samsung Galaxy Note
  102. F!? Verizon This guy got it Correct.. A Letter VZW Wrote to the FCC.
  103. Unfair treatment when roaming
  104. Verizon At wits end, Verizon is brutally shafting me, started a rant blog...read, laugh, cry
  105. Any Verizon customers on individual plan with smartphone and no corp. discount?
  106. Verizon Pass on Verizon in Folsom, CA
  107. Verizon $30 Upgrade Fee? Really?
  108. Verizon How do you fix a rep's mistake?...or, Verizon bites!
  109. Verizon sucks lately....!!!
  110. Verizon Making my blood boil
  111. Verizon Screwed me so bad..
  112. How to reset contract end date
  113. Assistance Please With On Going VZW Phone/Service
  114. Bad Customer Service and Lies
  115. Verizon Wireless #WTF - Pay your Verizon Wireless Phone Bill in CASH = $30 Charge
  116. Verizon Rules
  117. Verizon Verizon Question
  118. Stay away from Verizon Stores
  119. Misinformed reps telling conflicting info - NOT OK!!!
  120. Data plan grandfathering frustration
  121. Beware of VWS bearing gifts
  122. Low Quality of Employees at Verizon Corporate Stores
  123. Are you feeling forced to keep Verizon?
  124. DEADLINES and why i hate them
  125. Verizon Any Verizon users from central Mississippi area?
  126. OT: 5% rewards paying your Verizon bill with US Bank VISA card
  127. Verizon needs to place a tower in my area
  128. Verizon bait and switch rant
  129. I'm glad I have a 3rd party prepaid for Verizon service....
  130. Verizon iPhone unauthorized PORTING issue! Help, please!
  131. Verizon Family Plan Data Rip Off
  132. The pink dot in the iphone 4s
  133. Verizon Wireless Hates Diamler/Chrysler Retiree's
  134. Verizon unlocking phone
  135. New verizon wrinkle
  136. When is Verizon going to get their head out of their....
  137. Just got an invite for the One Plus One
  138. Verizon has failed me
  139. Verizon Coverage area change?
  140. Verizon Everyone should leave verizon.
  141. Verizon Trade-in program
  142. Verizon postpaid to Verizon Prepaid...dont do it!
  143. Fifteen Years With VZ... They PO'ED Me Big Time Last Week.
  144. Verizon Verizon Yes we know
  145. (almost) impossible to reach a human being at Verizon Wireless
  146. Verizon Bait & Switch
  147. Done with liar employees at Verizon. Done with Verizon.
  148. Watershed moment, or not... - the days of no competition are over.
  149. Verizon Blocking ESN numbers
  150. VZW Fail
  151. Verizon Verizon Robbing customers by forcing TMP!
  152. Verizon VZW in Las Vegas
  153. Full Circle Verizon
  154. Verizon account verification process
  155. Verizon What keeps you with Verizon? Is it simply the coverage?
  156. Asurion socks