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  2. looks like google voice is scheduled to die..
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  9. open wi fi ? where do you find open wi fi these days...
  10. Are you waiting for new phones or lower prices?
  11. Terms of Service
  12. Clarifying Fi's VoIP & related technologies
  13. Invites
  14. How can I, an invite holder, contact Google Fi with a question?
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  17. Verge article - end of gV?
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  19. Forcing Sprint or T-Mobile
  20. Activation error ... help!
  21. Wifi autoconnect
  22. Nexus 6 $350
  23. Meaning of the word "works"
  24. Could roaming cell voice be cheaper than roaming Wi Fi voice? Google missed it?
  25. Gizmodo review of Google Fi
  26. Google’s Cell Service Could Snare All the Major Carriers
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  28. Question about Losing Google Voice Number When Switching to Project Fi
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  31. Haven't read all the posts - Question---
  32. Interesting article - Rivada
  33. Any SMS/MMS Forwarding with Project Fi?
  34. Opinions: Love it or hate it?
  35. Invites next 24hrs
  36. What phone- differences other than price
  37. International roaming: Any experience.
  38. Anyone tried Hangouts calling? You may not need Project Fi after all.
  39. Google Fi may not roam on Verizon or AT&T
  40. Ported to Fi yesterday
  41. Afraid of losing Google voice number
  42. How Project FI seems to handle handovers between Wifi and Cellular
  43. Anyone else have issues with texts?
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  45. Project Fi Google Nexus 6 to receive Android Marshmallow update
  46. Why I ditched Project Fi
  47. Google sending holiday present to Project Fi users
  48. Anyone get accepted for Project Fi?
  49. Sprint LTE Roaming+
  50. 22% Tax on Project Fi monthly bills
  51. Data only add on option is here!
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  53. Binge on? Unlimited Music and video streaming?
  54. PM me, if you want to discuss a data-only SIM deal
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  57. Project FI plus financed Nexus 6P
  58. idea - *google should re-invent the payphone booth*
  59. Idea: Google buys Motorola for Fi exclusive devices.
  60. Waiting for ATT or Verizon to join
  61. Why I'll Most Likely Stick with Project Fi
  62. Sensorly
  63. Why I left Project Fi - back to Cricket Wireless
  64. Fi users who find themselves on Sprint most of the time
  65. Project Fi now available without an invite
  66. If I don't like project fi
  67. Question about starting with project fi
  68. Is it worth it?
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  78. Project Fi Roaming Experience
  79. What has your experience been like with Project Fi?
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  82. What Do You Want For The New Nexus Phones?
  83. VOLTE calling?
  84. Taxes??
  85. After using 4g does Fi have throttle data
  86. Can you use Project Fi SIM in another phone w.o. first activating it in a Nexus phone
  87. Getting calls from 408-256-0700, help?
  88. 5x finger print scanner not working very well
  89. Trying out Google Fi with Nexus 5x, easy to switch to Verizon if it doesn't work out
  90. International Speeds On Project fi
  91. Can I get some phone recommendations? :-)
  92. Fi now has group option?
  93. anyone has the countries covered by main line vs countries covered by data only sim?
  94. How seamless is GV to Fi transition? Back?
  95. Would be nice if P-Fi would allow iPhone
  96. Home router custom firmware
  97. Project Fi Using AT&T's Network?
  98. Poor performance in India
  99. Free Project Fi port in
  100. help with project fi setup
  101. Nexus 5X semi-bricked. Google replacing out of warranty.
  102. Why data so expensive
  103. Google Fi in eastern Iowa while keeping current number?
  104. WiFi Redirects Question
  105. Should I just forget it?
  106. VOLTE working for some users!!!
  107. Google Voice App No Longer Works
  108. Project Fi $20 off referral code: ADC1VA
  109. Project Fi Referral Program Offers New Prizes Including Trip to Google HQ
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  119. Thanks Project Fi, it's been great.
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