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09-02-2009, 09:44 AM
My skills at predicting future technology are rather dismal. I thought 8 track tapes would outlast cassettes. Figured Beta tapes were better than VHS. Couldn't imagine anything replacing CDs.

However, I'll keep on prognosticating and maybe some day I'll get it right. For example, I forsee the death of the landline. It may take a generation or two, but it will die. Even if the cable companies continue to throw it in a 'package' with TV and Internet, eventually no one will use it. All of today's teens who have their own cell phone will just continue using them as they grow up, and not bother signing up for the overtaxed, unnecessary expense of a landline. They will hopefully be freed from the scourge of telemarketers, politicians and charities. (Then who will these scumbags call to push their stuff?) Perhaps only businesses will retain a landline at their fixed locations.

I forsee the death of the 'home computer'. With Internet access available on one's cellphone, becoming more and more sophisticated, why sit in one location at home in front of a big screen when we have become accustomed to using a handheld device. Why pay for two Internet services when we can get by with one?

And going out on a limb, I predict the death of cable (and FiOS and satellite) TV. Folks are going to get tired of forking out so much money for so much garbage strewn with so many commercials, when they can get exactly what they want without commercials over the Internet, WiFi, memory cards or whatever wireless technology replaces the cable.

I forsee a future where the only hard wiring to the house may be the power lines. And even that will be supplimented by solar power.

I hope this time I'm right, beause I'm tired of paying so much for this current overpriced technology.

09-26-2009, 11:14 PM
I agree with your predictions. Landlines are decreasing steadily, though I don't think they will die out for a while as they are still required for alarm systems and POS systems and such (that is, until they are replaced by cellular capable units). There are also services like Ooma that allow you to buy a $250 box that uses your Internet connection for phone calls and has no charges whatsoever - that's it. (unless you pay $99 a year for the more advanced features, which is still a bargain)
Home computers will still have a use, but laptops are already outpacing desktops and desktops will only be used for specialized circumstances like video editing. Laptops are far more convenient than desktops unless you need a big screen - could just hook up to the TV though. Phones are catching up to computers but they are still not nearly as powerful and still more cumbersome to use/browse the web on.
Cable TV is already dead for me, replaced by BitTorrent, YouTube and Hulu. I totally agree about the commercials, they're ridiculous, and there's so much stuff I couldn't give a crap about watching. Internet will still stick around as 4G and WiMax gets built out and becomes popular, but once that's fast enough we won't need wires coming into our houses to provide net access.
The future is exciting!

10-25-2009, 03:40 AM
Agreed with both. Home computers Although, I am not so sure about. A primary reason most people keep a desktop is 1:Ease of upgrading, 2:Ease of replacing parts and 3:Can stay on much longer. Though With how things are going, I would not be surprised to see Cell phones become as powerful as our Computers. Imagine a future with an ad that says "Verizon's new phone, powered by Intel" And the way Phones keep getting smaller and smaller, Imagine if you will. A phone small enough it is the size of a bluetooth earpiece. Clip on your ear, press a button and speak. To go even further, imagine that the menu would be displayed as a holographic interactive image in front of you. Considering that the first flip cell phones were actually modeled after the original star trek tricorder, it is not so far a leap to see this as a future possibility.

10-31-2009, 09:08 PM
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when it gets profitable to make batteries that last as long,phones that can do what desktops do on battery then the home phone and desktops will die off. in just the last few years phone technology has more than tripled, making it more profitable to sell the trickle down technolgy to us Americans that the rest of the world has been using for years. Virgin phones with web for $10, my Omnia for $50 and so on.
as far as folks getting tired of paying high prices for garbage on tv, not gonna happen. can you say Reality Shows? give someone a 60" hdtv and theyll watch anything and pay anything to watch it.look at the looters after Katrina walking by the food and clothes while toting a big tv in waste deep water. where the hell did they think they would plug it in at?
Lena do you remember Maxheadroom from the early 80s? we're almost there now.
i predict voice of any kind will be a freebie with landline co.s,cable co.s and cell co.s ATT Gophone is now unlimited voice and text $60. a year ago unlimited voice was $100+ extra for text on all carriers