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07-27-2010, 07:45 PM
A quick storm came through the Washington DC area Sunday and knocked out power for two days and counting. Those that had the "triple play" lost their phone service when the backup batteries died after a few hours. Those with only cordless phones in the house lost phone service immediately. A very few who still had copper coming to their house, and had a corded phone on hand, could still make and receive calls, if a tree didn't fall across their phone lines. Those of us who rely on cellphones had no interruption of service whatsoever. When we left our darkened house to spend the time at our son's house outside the affected area, our phones came with us and had no problem with people trying to reach us and going to an inaccessible voicemail service. In fact, the easiest way for us to find out if power was restored was to call a neighbor's landline, and if we immediately went to their voicemail, we knew they didn't have power. Glad I have a cell and not dependent on a landline any more.

07-27-2010, 09:57 PM
A few years ago I was leaving the house with my boyfriend to go pick up my sister to go to my dad's for supper. As soon as I sent her the text that we were on our way, our car flew into a ditch*. I was able to text her and call my dad to say we would be a bit late. And to ask him to come haul us out of the ditch! Yay!

A few months later, my boyfriend, two friends and I were on lunch break from work. We were in a McDonalds parking lot. When we were about to leave, the car wouldn't start. We were able to call work (lol we all worked at the same place) to say we weren't going in.

*I was not driving :)

08-03-2010, 08:59 PM
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Ive got a 1985 Seahawks helmet phone ( back when phones were phones)and our landline is underground cabled.weve been thru tons of outtages, infrastructure destruction by Isabelle ,ice storms and never a home phone outtage. now the same cannot be said for my vzw service but I can count on 1 hand the times its been out or got a system busy tone,even after 911 and the Va tech murders.25 years of landline vzw,17 years wireless vzw, less than 5 outtages total

08-06-2010, 03:00 PM
I can't believe how it is with the older folks (my generation) that are so ingrained with the idea that they have to have a landline. I tell them, when you call a phone number, are you trying to call a person or a house? We have life-long friends who are moving from my area (MD) to WV. But they are keeping their MD house so their daughter can live there. They have two landlines in that house and another landline in the house in WV, plus cellphones on a family plan. They are having trouble with the landline in WV, copper, that gets noisy when wet and clears up by the time the repairman comes out. They have cable there and were considering switching to Vonage. And they wanted to know how to forward all the calls on one of the lines in MD (used as a 'business' line) to their number in WV. I told them fer cryin' out loud, to just leave the one line in MD for their daughter to use in the house (who has her own cell and doesn't really need it) and convert the "business" number to another line on their cellular family plan and cancel the landline in the WV house and just use their cells. They would save a bundle. But they just don't have a grasp on technology and what they can do to take advantage of it. His excuse for not wanting to use his cell exclusively; can't figure out how to get his voicemail, and can't remember his PIN. Stuck in the 1970s. Can't teach an old dog new tricks, I guess.