• Maximum Protection: Our Otterbox Defender review for the HTC One X

    Sabesh just finished up his review of the Otterbox Defender for the HTC One X:

    OtterBox Defenders are 3-piece extreme-protective cases designed to withstand moderate drops and spills. By general consensus, they are considered to be the best at what they do. There’s no mistaking that it’s a classic OtterBox Defender: 2 snap-on polycarbonate shells to enclose the HTC One X and a silicone outer layer enclosing the polycarbonate shells for secure protection. It comes in minimalist packaging with pictorial instructions printed inside the box. OtterBox packaging now has a holographic/3D sticker, perhaps to prevent copies/fakes.

    High-quality polycarbonate shell:

    This is a two part polycarbonate shell which is fitted for the HTC One X. The top portion has a clear protective membrane touch screen that lays on top of the HTC One X’s screen. The two shells snap together around the HTC One X. Snap-on points are located on both sides (2 lock-points each - see picture below). The entire phone is now covered, protecting it from the elements.

    Clear protective membrane touch screen:

    This touchscreen is conductive and no loss of performance can be noted. It really is quite a remarkable technology. The membrane lays on top of the HTC One X's touchscreen and conveys all touches and gestures perfectly. The membrane helps seal the entire phone, which I think is a pioneering effort in this industry. This hard membrane also doubles up as protection for the screen. Video calls can be made without removing the case, as the membrane is clear enough. That being said, the clarity of the membrane may not appeal to everyone: The membrane is grainy, much like a matte/anti-glare screen protector. If you love clear screen protectors, then this case isn't for you. However, the membrane can be easily removed, as it is lightly glued on to the interior edges of the polycarbonate shell.

    Durable silicone skin:

    To add more protection and better grip, the flexible silicone skin covers the rear & edges of the HTC One X. Usability of the phone is further enhanced by the ergonomics of this skin. All ports and buttons are protected by silicone flaps & buttons, sealing the entire phone. The only openings are for the camera/flash, microphones & speakers. I'm happy to report that Otterbox has greatly solved the dust-attraction problem. The Defender gathered little-to-no dust. The new skin appears to be a compromise between the old rubber design and TPU. It's slightly more rigid and grips better.

    Belt-clip holster:

    This holster is made of a tough, polycarbonate material and looks as though it will never break. It's a swivel design and turns in both directions, 360 degrees, snapping into place. The notches on holster plug into notches on case. The HTC One Xs can be holstered with screen out or in, making for a highly flexible design. The upper portion of the clip can be released and used as a stand. However, the clip is quite rigid to swivel and snap into place. It also makes a loud noise when swiveling.

    Top portion of the clip can be released and double up as a stand.

    Once everything is in place, the case provides access to the speakers, microphones, camera & volume/media buttons. I have no doubt about the toughness and durability of this case. It feels as if it can take quite a beating! I would say that it is water resistant to some extent. Despite all this protection, it is a ruggedly handsome case.


    • Highly protective case tailor-made for the HTC One X, providing ultimate protection & functionality.
    • Touch Membrane for the screen for protection with no loss of performance.
    • Easily accessible media & charging ports.
    • Ports for speakers, microphones, camera.
    • Belt-clip holster (durable and well-made).
    • Attracts little-to-no dust. A quantum leap from the previous design.
    • Swivel clip doubles-up as a stand.


    • Adds a bit of bulk and weight: Not a concern for repeat OtterBox buyers who expect this.
    • Grainy image via the membrane / screen protector (clarity is the same as via a matte/anti-glare screen protector).
    • Swivel clip is difficult/rigid to turn and makes a loud noise whilst turning.
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