• Mozilla Launches a Speedy and Powerful Upgrade to Firefox for Android

    From the Mozilla press release:

    Mozilla Launches a Speedy and Powerful Upgrade to Mobile Browsing with Firefox for Android

    As a pioneer of the Web, Mozilla unlocked the Web experience on the desktop with Firefox and we are doing it again in mobile. Were proud to announce a new Firefox for Android is now available for download in the Google Play store. The new Firefox for Android is a snappy and dynamic upgrade to mobile browsing that makes it faster and easier to get where you want to go on the Web.
    Full release and notes here.

    Talk about it here.
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    1. Steve Punter's Avatar
      Steve Punter -
      I gave Firefox a quick try, but I didn't find it any faster than the stock browser on various sample pages I tried and I found that it didn't support things that the stock browser does. For example, when I got to my web page (www.arcx.com/sites) and display a map of cell sites, I can't drag the map on Firefox as I can on the stock browser. Clearly this functionality is missing from it. Overall I didn't like Firefox as much as the stock browser and for the time being I've uninstalled it (though I might try it again later if someone can point out a clearly-superior aspect of it).
    1. dermintri2's Avatar
      dermintri2 -
      On a tablet, the stock browser is still more powerful than firefox. Faster and lighter on the ram too.