• Telus My Account coming soon

    WorldIRC alerted me to a story over at Mobilesyrup that finally has some light at the end of the tunnel for the "My Telus" app.

    A bit late to the game it will be similar to the My Rogers app. This app will give you the ability to monitor your usage pay bills and the like. It will also bring some new functionality that the My Rogers app lacks and that's the ability, like on the website, to see your top 5 callers and top 5 people you've SMS'd in an effort to help you decide if you want to perhaps change to a My5 package etc.

    Apparently it's being tested and is in the beta stages so It shouldn't be long.

    One nice feature that I can foresee is that this app will work, even during the 2 - 6am Rogers maintenance window so you can always check and not have "down time" like I did when I was on Rogers.

    I'm quite excited for this app myself and will be downloading it on day 1.
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    1. Train784's Avatar
      Train784 -
      Long overdue!
    1. jose_416's Avatar
      jose_416 -
      Damm app should off been out YEARS ago. Telus like always is slow to bring things out. tsk tsk tsk Telus. This app better damm well work and be secure.