• Starbucks Canada, Shazam, Angry Birds Seasons and Crackle updated

    A few key apps that I enjoy using on iOS have received updates today so let's get right in.

    Starbucks Canada
    nothing to crazy here, very small revision that brings "Performance Enhancements and bug fixes" which seems to be the standard maintenance release

    Shazam has received an update as well, this one is a bit more involved then the Starbucks Canada app.
    Bringing to the table:
    *Improved recognition rate
    *Faster Application startup time (which always helps when you're trying to tag a song that's just about to end)
    *Added The ability to invite friends
    *Numerous bug fixes including:
    -Crash fixes
    -Fixed audio capture issue that would result in "no match"
    -Improved messaging around tagging issues

    Angry Birds Seasons
    Love it or hate it, Angry birds keeps chugging along!
    So here's what's new:
    *Back to school time, 20 brand new school yard levels, new bonus levels and a brand new bird (OMG!)

    One of my favourite apps is Crackle. Very simple to use, free and usually has something I want to watch
    The updated version brings the ability to watch the programming via HDMI / Airplay which is a welcome addition.
    *Completely redesigned based on feedback from our 11 million users
    *Easier to discover your favourite movies and shows
    *Watch on your TV via Airplay or HDMI out
    *Improved playback

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