• TD, LogMeIn, Skype and Chrome for iOS all updated

    More juicy updates for apps that I frequently use!
    I love app updates, they make me happy. Let's dive right in:

    If you haven't tried or used LogMeIn on your PC yet, I highly recommend it. You can remotely and securely access your PC from your smartphone, or the Web at anytime as long as your PC is powered on.

    This update brings:
    *RSA SecurID support
    *Performance and Stability enhancements

    I can tell you in the day I've used the update it feels more stable. I'd get the random dropout or disconnection but so far so good

    TD Canada
    Those of you who bank with the Green should appreciate the app enhancements that have come along with version 3.3.

    *Create a username in EasyWeb or WebBroker and use it to log in instead of your access card.

    It's much easier creating a username to login with, IMHO, instead of remembering that string of #'s on your access card

    Skype brings along the ability to send and receive photo's, some updated privacy settings and some minor visual improvements. What isn't mentioned is that apparently the battery life hit on iOS from Skype running in the background has been reduced so those of you that leave it logged in should see better life from your iOS devices. Hit me back if you're seeing anything different.

    Chrome, which is one of my favorites, has gotten the ability to share webpages via email / G+, Facebook and Twitter. It's also claiming some stability improvements and bug fixes. This just came in today so use it and report back.

    There you have it!
    So get updating!
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