• Androidís Bright Future! Come join our discussion at Sept 12 at CWTS in Toronto!

    Weíre going to be hosting a roundtable discussion about Androidís Bright Future at the Canadian Wireless Trade Show on Sept 12th at 2:15PM at the Direct Energy Center in Toronto. Our roundtable participants will include:

    Ken Price
    Director of Marketing, Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics Canada

    Tony Palazzo
    Director of Handset Procurement and Logistics, Mobilicity
    Weíll also be exhibiting at the show Sept 12 and 13th at booth 404. Admission to the discussion and show are free! Just register at www.CanadianWirelessTradeShow.com.

    Things are looking great for Android! Androidís market share dominates the Smartphone market. In the process Android has caused Blackberry, Windows Phone and Symbian to plummet.

    But what does the future hold for Android?

    2 years ago the Android operating system was pretty basic. Adding a UI on Touchwiz made a lot of Sense. Since then, it has added a lot features and more importantly itís design is much more elegant. Will third-party UIís become redundant in the future?

    Android's release schedules seem to be getting more and more compressed. Will this results in more or less new Android phones?

    Right now Android is mainly found on phones and tablets. Will it spread beyond these two markets?

    Android and Windows are beginning to align. Is there room for both players?

    Do you see bundling 3rd party software becoming part of the business model for Android phones sort of like it is with PCís?

    It seems like the market is at a point when thereís going to be a lot M&A among various Android OEMís.

    How will the ongoing legal disputes between Apple and various players in the Android ecosystem shape Androidís future?

    What do carriers think of Android?

    Come join the conversation at 2:15 on Sept 12th!

    Iím also looking for volunteers to help me man the booth. Please send me a PM if youíre able to volunteer either of both days.
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