• The HowardForums Nexus 7 Giveaway Winner Is...

    Please joining us in congratulating silentjudge for being selected as the winner of Nexus 7! The winner will be contacted soon and must respond within 24 hours to claim the Nexus 7, otherwise a new winner will be chosen.

    For those that didn't win this time we have one more surprise giveaway coming next week!
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    1. birdhouse1575's Avatar
      birdhouse1575 -
      Congrats, silentjudge!
    1. proth3us's Avatar
      proth3us -
      OHHHHH HOOOOO CAN'T BELIEVE I WON!!!!!!!!! wait.......what? j/k
      congrats to silentjudge
    1. awwong's Avatar
      awwong -
      From one winner to another congratulations silentjudge and enjoy your Nexus 7!
    1. blackie1491's Avatar
      blackie1491 -
      Congrats to silentjudge
    1. radicon's Avatar
      radicon -
      silentjudge congrats!!!
    1. Howmander's Avatar
      Howmander -
      but that's not how you spell my name! ;-) Congratulations, Silentjudge!
    1. silentjudge's Avatar
      silentjudge -
      Thanks Howard!!!! I have replied to the PM.
    1. sable's Avatar
      sable -
      Howard, are you sure that you did not mistype the winner's name?

      Congrats Silentjudge, but you should change your name to Screamingjudge now.
    1. cyberstoic's Avatar
      cyberstoic -
      Congrats SilentJudge! Hope you enjoy the tablet!
    1. Sp0r3's Avatar
      Sp0r3 -
      congrats to silentjudge for his new Nexus 7!
    1. ijcy's Avatar
      ijcy -
      Hopefully silentjudge won't contact and another winner will be chosen....NOT!! lol!!
      Congrats man and enjoy!!
    1. amylyn1970's Avatar
      amylyn1970 -
      Congrats silentjudge! Enjoy your new toy!
    1. Special Guy's Avatar
      Special Guy -
      I know you are called the silentjugde but I am yelling CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!!