• HoFo at the CWTS coverage

    Last week HowardForums was a booth 404 at the Canadian Wireless Trade Show. Despite the ominous booth number, a lot of people found their way to our booth.

    On the first day, we presented our round table discussion on Android. It was a packed house, Iím told it was one of the most well attended seminars.
    While we recorded the discussion, unfortunately, my camcorder ran out of memory half way so we only have the first 15 mins. Sorry about that! A big thanks goes out to our panellists; Tony Palazzo, Ken Price and Marc Saltzman.

    Since I donít have the complete discussion here's a link to my presentation. Please excuse my not-so-l33t Powerpoint skillz. Last time I used it was for last yearís CWTS presentation.
    If you want, I can give you the gist of what was said in the comments below for each point.

    We also signed up some new forum members and handed out white and pink HoFo Tshirts and some great swag courtesy of our forum sponsors Clarivue and Maximum Signal.

    We were giving out free iPhone 4/4s Clarivue screen protectors along with coupons for a free screen protector of your choice. Thanks Clarivue! The iPhone 4s screen protector looks and fits great and kudos for including TWO in each pack, I also did my wifeís iPhone 4 as well.

    Maximum Signal gave us 2 in-vehicle and 2 in-home signal boosters to give away. Congrats to our winners; Rose, Caesar, Alvin and canadiancow! I have a Maximum Signal booster in my basement where thereís low Rogers signal and believe me, they actually work. Iíll actually be giving away 2 more boosters once we get this domain name thing sorted out.

    It was cool watching the iPhone 5 announcement on our laptops - a big thanks to Matrix Audio for lending us a bunch of speakers from their display. One speaker wasnít quite loud enough but 5 (later 6) was great!

    For me best part of the show was meeting all of you. Itís really encouraging to hear stories about how you use the site. Heck it was fun feeding some of you with the pizza we snuck into our booth!

    Last but not least, a huge thanks goes to our booth volunteers. The show would not have been the same without you all!
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    1. canadiancow's Avatar
      canadiancow -
      Awesome! Thanks for the great prize. It's probably going to seriously screw up the Coverage Mapper maps, so I'll have to be sure not to run Coverage Mapper while I'm using it.
    1. bubble.tea's Avatar
      bubble.tea -
      Always get shafted if we're not in Toronto for these Wireless Shows. Would love to see something happen in Ottawa one of these days. Does anybody have the full discussion recorded? Just watched your vid, so curious what the remainder of the sit-down touched on.


      btw, That's an impressive goatee Howard .
    1. Jason's Storm's Avatar
      Jason's Storm -
      So this is the city where your email (and website) got jacked? I wish I could go to one of these types of shows, but I'm never anywhere near them.