• HowardForums iPhone 5 Giveaway

    We're giving away an unlocked 16GB iPhone 5! To enter you can leave a comment on this post, if you use Facebook "like" the the link to this post that appears on our Facebook page, and if you are a Twitter user you can tweet about it using #HoFo and linking to the contest at http://t.co/Kqc8LWf4. Any one will give you an entry. Doing all three will give you three chances to win.

    *Contest Rules: Contest is open to U.S. and Canada users who do not reside in Quebec. If a Canadian wins they must answer the skill testing question: What operating system is found on the HP TouchPad? U.S. winner will be responsible for all taxes and customs. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. Contest not open to HowardForums staff. The iPhone 5 we are giving away will not work with Sprint and Verizon.

    Contest ends on Tuesday October 9 at 9:00 PM PDT. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced after being selected. If the winner does not respond to us within 24 hours of being contacted, a new winner will be chosen.

    Good luck!
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    1. diav's Avatar
      diav -
      Cool stuffs! Thanks for doing this!
    1. akkasca's Avatar
      akkasca -
      Congrats on getting the domain back ! It would be nice to have a iphone 5 Pick meeee
    1. phreebyrd's Avatar
      phreebyrd -
      sounds very cool...may you wisely choose the right person
    1. Dro's Avatar
      Dro -
      This is so awesome. Thanks, howardforums!
    1. TokyoKiller's Avatar
      TokyoKiller -
      Glad to see the main domain back and to see you back with an awesome contest!

      Would love to have an unlocked iPhone 5
    1. Watchful's Avatar
      Watchful -
      Awesome! I would love an iPhone 5!
    1. geokilla's Avatar
      geokilla -
      How do I tweet this?
    1. Steve Punter's Avatar
      Steve Punter -
      I'll take one.
    1. Galaxy__Nexus's Avatar
      Galaxy__Nexus -
      Keep rocking with these awesome giveaways, HoFo! <3
    1. tmpz's Avatar
      tmpz -
      Sweet iPhone 5!
    1. TadMorose's Avatar
      TadMorose -
      Great! If I win, I will sell it and use the money to buy Note 2
    1. Nucleartx's Avatar
      Nucleartx -
      Need to find out what the hubub is about this device if ya choose me!!!
    1. jrap's Avatar
      jrap -
      HoFo rocks!
    1. DRG2003's Avatar
      DRG2003 -
      Love this site! Currently typing this on my iPhone 4 with a cracked screen. Saving a ton of money on Straight Talk (followed instructions here) so no discounted upgrade for me...
    1. baudbwoy's Avatar
      baudbwoy -
      This is entry number two, what do I need to tweet is there a certain # i need to use?

      Good luck to me.
    1. kodakball's Avatar
      kodakball -
      I'm in just 16g lol
    1. xero9's Avatar
      xero9 -
      Please pick me! Please pick me!
    1. mech9t5's Avatar
      mech9t5 -
      IP5? Sure, I'll take one!!
    1. Joe-Nathan's Avatar
      Joe-Nathan -
      Throwing my name into the hat...
    1. mrbrown2195's Avatar
      mrbrown2195 -
      I just want an iPhone 5! Give it to me!