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    Welcome to the new site everyone! As you can see, in the past few weeks a lot has changed around here. We've upgraded the core forum software to vBulletin 4 which has brought a wealth of new features and improvements over what we previously had. Now you can do things more easily from replying to messages, creating groups, and even embedding YouTube videos. We know there have been some quirks and still have some things we need to fix and tweak, but it was important to us to get the site back online has quickly as possible so we could make it available to our members again. We also wanted to get your feedback on changes that could be more easily made on the front end, rather than implementing them after the fact.

    We've also changed our Premium Membership to Gold Membership. If you are a Gold Member you'll notice your username is a different color than it was before and may have also noticed the addition of a Gold Member badge under your user title. We appreciate the support of our Gold Members and wanted to make you stand out more.

    If you're reading this, you see that we've also installed a new system which will allow us to post articles on things you may find useful, helpful, and informative. In addition to that, if we see an outstanding post from someone in the forums that we think deserves some attention, we'll feature it here as article! So keep up with those great posts. And if you notice something great, please nominate it to become an article by sending us a link to it for consideration.

    We've got some great things planned for the future of this site both in the short and long term, and look forward to making HowardForums an even more exciting place for you to be.

    Stay tuned...
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    1. hwertz's Avatar
      hwertz -
      I like the new look of the last few weeks overall, plus having the latest and greatest forums software is always good. One suggestion, I would place a more prominent note on the front page noting the "Forum" button at the top -- after the changes today it took me a bit to find the actual forums of howardforums
    1. bgolfn's Avatar
      bgolfn -
      Thank You
    1. FHThomas3's Avatar
      FHThomas3 -
      Was just alerted to the existence of this forum last night . . . and I think I'm happy about that. I say I think I'm happy because I find I'm spending a lot of time and mental energy just trying to figure out how to buy my first iPhone (it will be a 4S) at the best price, without waiting TOO long, and how to pick the best (fastest, most reliable) network of the non-contract ones I know about (ST, Cricket, and Virgin)--and it really looks as if Howard (my middle name, by the way) has all the information I could possibly need . . . and more than I could ever assimilate. So . . . great job, folks. Now, just help me figure out what to do next.
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    This works with any dual sim setup. Itís an ios13...

    This works with any dual sim setup. Itís an ios13 feature. This usually happens when youíre on a call, or just getting off a call.

    Sent from my iPhone using HoFo

    TheGooseey Today, 12:59 PM Go to last post

    Nope. The iPhone is the same. It is the SIM...

    Nope. The iPhone is the same. It is the SIM installed that makes the difference.

    bmccull Today, 12:52 PM Go to last post

    Or like my friend with GoUnlimited, who randomly...

    Or like my friend with GoUnlimited, who randomly has zero data at all (he usually uses 3-5GB/mo) due to his plan being ALWAYS on the low end of the totem pole - I do not think plans like this should...

    brad15 Today, 12:48 PM Go to last post

    I had to use the Google Messages app to get MMS...

    I had to use the Google Messages app to get MMS to work correctly. All the other apps I tried didn't work.
    I'll need to compare the new APN settings above to see if it works with the 3rd party apps.

    nughaud Today, 12:37 PM Go to last post

    You don't have to port in your number if you...

    You don't have to port in your number if you don't want to. When you buy the phone from Google Fi, they give you the option of getting a brand new number. So activate and use the phone with the new...

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