• 007, we have some new equipment for you: Our hands-on with the Sony Xperia T

    I got a chance to play with the Sony Xperia T. The T is known as the James Bond Phone because he uses one in the new Bond Flick thatís launching soon.

    Spec-wise the T is similar to the Galaxy S III and HTC One X (the LTE versions). Dual-core 1.5Ghz Snapdragon S4 processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB built-in storage plus a Micro SD slot, 1850mAh battery, 4.6Ē LCD display and 12.8/1.3MP cameras. It also supports Mira-cast (video out via WiFi). It ships with Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

    Itís launching on Rogers, TELUS, Bell, Mobilicity, Videotron, MTS plus they mentioned Wind too (though Iím not sure if they got confused). Kudos to Sony for getting it on most carriers!
    The circle on the back below the camera is where the NFC antenna is located. Most of the back is metal so I guess they needed to put something plastic over since metal would block the signal.

    I love how Sony ditched the micro HDMI port and is now only using a MHL micro USB port. That means they no longer have those awful port covers on the USB.

    It launches with Ice Cream Sandwich and utilizes ICSís on-screen soft keys so there are no hardware buttons at the bottom.

    left to right: Motorola RAZR HD LTE , HTC One X, Sony Xperia T, LG Optimus G, Samsung Galaxy S III

    Size-wise the lack of hardware buttons allows the T to be a pretty compact phone. It feels noticeably smaller than the GS III, One X, RAZR HD LTE, etc.

    top to bottom: RAZR HD LTE, One X, Xperia T, Optimus G, GS3

    It fits well in my hands, and is solid.

    Compared to the Xperia ION which was a bit of a brick the T feels much more special. Most of the back is metal but it painted. It has a matte finish that looks awesome.

    I also love how itís curved - very interesting looking plus it's very tactile.

    All Android manufacturers have to play the hardware game so Iím a little disappointed that the T isnít launching with something more cutting-edge. The S4 processor is in the process of being supplanted by a couple of quad-core chips. At 1850mAh the battery also also seems a little on the small side.

    Sony is really pushing the James Bondishness of phone. It will come preloaded with trailers, pictures, wallpapers and other media related to the new flim. It will actually come in a special limited edition box. The box is retro, it harkens back to a time when the size of a box indicated how fancy a phone was.

    Besides the Bond angle Sony was showing the new media interface. Itís basically a fancy gallery app for your pictures and videos. You can pinch zoom when youíre viewing all your pictures (neat) plus you can view where you took your pictures in a map (like the iPhone) but the T also allows you to view your pictures on a 3D globe.

    They pushed the angle where you can dock your T with a cradle to use it with your TV. It looks cool but I doubt many people will use their T this way. Especially when the dock costs 90 bucks.

    Another thing that Sony is trying to push is the NFC angle of the T with some other Sony products including a pair of NFC enabled headphones (NFC helps make pairing easier) plus you can buy NFC tags which you can use for automation from Sony.

    I'll have a full review in a few days.
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    1. Tsepz_GP's Avatar
      Tsepz_GP -
      Its a beauty of a phone, such a shame it will only get JB next year.
    1. bhadzki's Avatar
      bhadzki -
      Love the design
    1. Mr Mystery's Avatar
      Mr Mystery -
      Quad core S4 and JB out of the box would have drove the sales numbers. Launching as is, it is more of an also ran. Sony needs to learn to use bleeding edge hardware in their top of line devices if they want to truly compete. That, or jump in the Windows Phone market since they seem so attached to using Snapdragon chips from previous generations.
    1. Special Guy's Avatar
      Special Guy -
      As stated, it looks like a very compact design
    1. user_zero's Avatar
      user_zero -
      Due to the lack of secret Bond'like gadgets, such as evil-face recognition, noxious substance detector or SMERSH/SPECTRE connectivity.... I gotta pass.
    1. Drillbit's Avatar
      Drillbit -
      Quote Originally Posted by user_zero View Post
      Due to the lack of secret Bond'like gadgets, such as evil-face recognition, noxious substance detector or SMERSH/SPECTRE connectivity.... I gotta pass.
      Awesome reply.
    1. primetechv2's Avatar
      primetechv2 -
      I think people will notice how awesome this phone really is after James Bond finishes its run in theaters somehow...possibly high end to mid range now, like Howard said. A bit square too, don't you think? Corners like those always strike me as uncomfortable.
    1. howard's Avatar
      howard -
      I just got mine. The corners are all rounded so they don't stab into your hands.

      The curved back makes it really nice to hold. The paint job on the back feels fantastic - it reminds me of a fancy camera. It's hard to believe that it has a 4.6" screen because it feels much smaller. It's a combination of the on-screen keys and the phone's curves.

      If you were to blindfold someone I think they would pick this as the best feeling Android phone that costs less than a grand.

      If you aren't blindfolded the design is quite nice. I can see Sony's design language from previous phones but the T really takes it to another level. If you remember how people used to perceive Sony then the Sony logo on the T should be no surprise.
    1. wirelessgal's Avatar
      wirelessgal -
      This might be my next phone. Since the RAZR HD LTE was too big for my hands and I no longer will be getting the RAZR M, I hope the Xperia T is a better fit for me. Plus, I have the James Bond SE
      k790a phone. Nice to add this to my James Bond phone collection.
    1. ECBomb's Avatar
      ECBomb -
      Google seriously needs to let Sony make the next Nexus phone.

      Wicked design + awesome camera + stock Android = win win win!

      Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
    1. wirelessgal's Avatar
      wirelessgal -
      I thought Sony plans on making a Nexus device? I read awhile back that Google said there will be 5 Nexus devices by the end of this year. LG, Samsung and Sony were mentioned. I would think Motorola would make one even though their UI is very close to stock Android. So far only LG came out with a Nexus device. They're running out of time!
    1. auditman's Avatar
      auditman -
      Only LG is making the new version if nexus phones. No one else.

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    1. primetechv2's Avatar
      primetechv2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by auditman View Post
      Only LG is making the new version if nexus phones. No one else.

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      That's what HTC said. And what Samsung said. No, I'm pretty sure attempting to predict the future for Nexus devices isn't possible.

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