• HTC Windows Phone 8s launching on Virgin today (Dec 6th)

    *Edit* it's blue. The price is $279.99 on a 30 day or $79.99 on a no term contract.

    The entry-level HTC Windows Phone 8s is now available from Virgin Mobile Canada.

    It runs Windows Phone 8 and looks similar to the 8x but the 8s has a smaller 4", 800x480 Super LCD display, dual-core 1Ghz Snapdragon S4 (2 x 1.5ghz on the 8x), 512MB of RAM (1GB on the 8x), 5MP camera that shoots 720p video (8MP and 1080P w/8x) and 4GB of storage that can be expanded with MicroSD cards (vs 8 or 16GB non-expandable).

    While the processor is 'only' clocked at 1Ghz it's important to remember than the 8s' display contains about 2.5x less pixels than the 8x. While it means the 8s display will look a little more coarse compared to the 8x it also means that 8s' graphics processor doesn't need to work as hard. This means that the 8s could be faster than the 8x at running 3D games.

    Anyways, it's a nice looking phone. Anyone interested in one?
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      Quote Originally Posted by howard View Post

      It's a nice looking phone. Anyone interested in one?
      Any prices listed?
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      So, Rogers is still running the "Windows Phone 8 Exclusive" advertisements... I'd almost like to see Virgin do a copy of it, but when the guy stops the show with "I'm not on Rogers...", have him continue with "I'm on VIRGIN!!", have balloons and confetti fall, and everyone start partying around him!

      Rogers keeps calling me, trying to sell service where they have no coverage. Only one person was able to figure out the problem, and told me I'd not ave to worry about going over my minutes! I've been telling the others that I could go to my backyard and get a brick that has equivalent coverage with unlimited calling, unlimited long distance, and no monthly charges, and infinite battery life to boot! They just don't understand.