• Holiday Giveaway #1: Maximum Signal Amplifier (Canadians only)


    We're doing a couple giveaways for this holiday season!

    First up is a Maximum Signal In-Vehicle Amplifier.

    You can enter by leaving a reply to this post, by liking the the link to this post on Facebook, and by following @howardforums on Twitter and tweeting about it using #HoFoAmp and posting a link to this blog entry.

    *Contest Rules: Contest is open only to Canada users who do not reside in Quebec. The winner must answer the skill testing question: What does HSPA stand for?

    Contest ends on Tuesday December 11 at 9:00 PM PST. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced after being selected. If the winner does not respond to us within 24 hours of being contacted, a new winner will be chosen.

    Good luck!

    P.S. Standby for other great holiday surprises (for U.S. as well) next week!
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    1. Steve Punter's Avatar
      Steve Punter -
      Okay, count me in.
    1. oldsam's Avatar
      oldsam -
      I would love to have one!
    1. HouseApe's Avatar
      HouseApe -
      I'm in for the win!
    1. HellfireX's Avatar
      HellfireX -
      Sweet Canada only!
    1. Felchy's Avatar
      Felchy -
      Nice contest.
    1. LongDono's Avatar
      LongDono -
      Looks sweet!
    1. NotFailWhale's Avatar
      NotFailWhale -
      I'd love to win, good luck everyone.
    1. IamAllan's Avatar
      IamAllan -
      Count me in! Nice to see a "Canucks Only" contest.
    1. drlcpt's Avatar
      drlcpt -
      cool giveaway
    1. Mr Mystery's Avatar
      Mr Mystery -
      I'm a Canuck, pick me!

      Sent from my SGH-I317M using HowardForums
    1. jattdesi's Avatar
      jattdesi -
      me please.
    1. turbogeek's Avatar
      turbogeek -
      This would sure solve a gift problem..
    1. SuperAman's Avatar
      SuperAman -
      add me too!
    1. Fortissimo's Avatar
      Fortissimo -
      I think HSPA stands for Howard Sexiest Person Alive ;-) . (now pick me!)
    1. cory218's Avatar
      cory218 -
      Oh I'd love to win me one of these!!! I also would like one for my house to
    1. Fenrry's Avatar
      Fenrry -
      Will this work with Mobilicity or Wind?
    1. cohiba's Avatar
      cohiba -
      Great prize
    1. jwslam's Avatar
      jwslam -
      awesome prize. can't wait.
    1. tvisforme's Avatar
      tvisforme -
      Wow, great way to start off the holidays! Thanks very much and please add me to the contest.
    1. YNOTT's Avatar
      YNOTT -
      I'm all in