• HowardForums Holiday Giveaway #2 Winners!

    ***UPDATE: New winner chosen for the Nokia Lumia 920***

    ***UPDATE 2: All the prizes have been claimed. Thank you all for participating***

    The giveaway winners have been chosen! Please join us in congratulating the following:

    • Forum member tk_chan - Nexus 4 winner!
    • Forum member dakar8 - iPad mini (white) winner!
    • Twitter follower @jhaymoney - iPad mini (black) winner!
    • Forum member greenxgoblin - Nokia Lumia 920 winner!

    Winners, to claim your prize you must log in to your forum account and send a private message to administrator frail (click here) with your answer to the skill testing question and a valid shipping address. You have 24 HOURS to do so, otherwise your prize will be given to someone else.

    Congrats and Happy Holidays!
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    1. ceredon's Avatar
      ceredon -
      I think you spelled my name wrong.
    1. ceredon's Avatar
      ceredon -
      But congrats to the winners!
    1. blackie1491's Avatar
      blackie1491 -
      Christmas has arrived early!!!

    1. jattdesi's Avatar
      jattdesi -
      Any Winners in the Vancouver Region looking to sell any of the Devices. Please send me a PM. Congrats to the Winners.
    1. seekr's Avatar
      seekr -
      congrats everyone.
    1. rschopp's Avatar
      rschopp -
      Congratulations, nice gifts.
    1. jhaymoney's Avatar
      jhaymoney -
      Woohoo, Christmas arrived just on time!!! And congrats to tk_chan, dakar8 and Anthony Cheung!!!
    1. frabas1's Avatar
      frabas1 -
      well done winners. enjoy
    1. cricketfan's Avatar
      cricketfan -
      Sigh. I never win anything, ever.


      Congrats to the winner thou!!! Merry Xmas, everyone.
    1. ale2999's Avatar
      ale2999 -
      Congrats to the winners!
    1. gweneams's Avatar
      gweneams -
      Congrats, folks, and Merry Christmas.
    1. mdancy's Avatar
      mdancy -
      dang, I really wanted that Nokia 920
    1. NanaC's Avatar
      NanaC -
      Congratulations to the winners!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!
    1. Portcitybob's Avatar
      Portcitybob -
      Congrats to the winners, but if no one wants the Nokia Lumia 920, I do! Merry Christmas!
    1. greenxgoblin's Avatar
      greenxgoblin -
      Wow, still in shock here. Thank you so much!
    1. berry05's Avatar
      berry05 -
      That must be really exciting for the winners! Congrats!