• More Nokia Lumia 920 colours coming to Rogers.

    Just got word that Rogers will be getting more colours for the Nokia Lumia 920. Right now it's only available in black but 'in the coming weeks' it will also come in red, white and yellow.

    *update - I made incorrect statements about some 920 colours being painted* ALL colours of the 920 are made unpainted. When you drop a black 920 and it chips the material underneath the surface is the same colour so it wears better.

    You can order the new colours for the Lumia 920 via Roger's Reservation System. Rogers is also doing a contest for the new colours on their blogs Redboard and Fil Rouge

    Personally, the yellow is pretty sharp and I lusted over it the moment when I first saw it back in Sept. Anyone want to trade my black for a yellow one?
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    1. dc2000's Avatar
      dc2000 -
      Anyone know who can unlock theses? I plan on getting two yellows for my household :P
    1. cal653's Avatar
      cal653 -
      Are you sure the colors are just painted? If so that mean's the Roger's version is not as good as the International version durability wise. The colors in those are molded into the plastic, not painted.

      According to the link below:


      "Completely inherent in the materials are the colours. The colours are not applied or painted on afterwards.

      For example, the yellow polycarbonate of a Nokia Lumia 920 is yellow all the way through and this starts right at the beginning of the manufacturing process."
    1. GaryTaylr's Avatar
      GaryTaylr -
      It's really an awesome handset and with windows 8 looks amazing.