• BlackBerry unveils new low-cost Q5 smartphone for emerging markets.

    Today Blackberry announced the Q5 - a lower cost QWERTY device.

    It has a 3.1" display like the Q10 and will be available in black, white and red.

    It's meant for developing nation. No word if it will come here.
    Andy Johnson, May 14, 2013 9:56:00 AM

    BlackBerry unveiled a new low-cost smartphone Tuesday destined for emerging markets in developing countries.

    The BlackBerry Q5, which is built on the new BlackBerry 10 platform, will roll out to new markets this summer, said CEO Thorsten Heins, holding up a red version of the phone.

    "I think you're really going to like it," Heins said, speaking at the company's annual conference in Orlando, Fla.

    He said the phone, which has a physical keyboard, is a "sleek, slim, high performance device" that will be available in red, black, white and pink.

    Heins has made it a priority to expand BlackBerry's product offerings in the mid- and entry-level range in developing nations, since he took over a year-and-a-half ago.

    "We understand the importance of having devices to suit all markets and needs and we have already said we will give global markets an opportunity to provide BlackBerry 10 performance in an ideal price range," Heins said.

    Heins didn't provide any details about the cost of the new Q5 or whether it would ever be available in North American markets.

    Earlier this year BlackBerry introduced the Z10 touchscreen device and Q10 keyboard version.
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    1. Supa_Fly's Avatar
      Supa_Fly -
      excellent for the markets its announced for.
      3.1" from the Q10 stays - good move (the grown up curve is no longer a second class citizen).
      BB10.1 and all features instact, smaller camera - no matter. Still a good offering for growth.

      I'm more excited for BBM Channels, not sure how I feel about BBM going cross platform this summer, and feature rich comparable by end of 2013.
    1. Dx3's Avatar
      Dx3 -
      Seems like no mention of a North American release. I think it'd do well with the prepaid market or with carriers which are better suited to buying your phone outright (e.g. Mobi and T-Mo).
    1. shushwap's Avatar
      shushwap -
      I am excited to see how the new BBM is going to work for android... With Telus taking away the Us texting... I hate using whatsapp !!!!!!
    1. skullan's Avatar
      skullan -
      Quote Originally Posted by DennyCrane View Post
      [SIZE=1]As for the cross-platform BBM, this is exciting. But I can't help but wonder if it's too little, too late. It was only a couple years ago that 75% of my text-based conversations were over BBM, and the other 25% were via SMS. Today I'd say that 90-95% is SMS, and only 5% over BBM. BBM blows any other messaging application I've ever used right out of the water, but at this point people might not care anymore. What do you all think?
      Technology ebbs and flows. That especially holds true to the fact that you went from BBM to SMS, there's no reason why it cannot go back. Just like there is no reason why it cannot go in the direction of whatsapp or any other messaging app.

      The demand of what you use will be heavily impacted by what your immediate social circle uses. If they all start activating BBM on their iOS/Android devices, then you probably will too. A guaranteed receipt, with what has been what the market has set for the bar of message apps (I haven't once heard someone say iMessage or whatsapp is the standard of quality).

      I'd say, if there is any software out there that has the clout, or reputation, to become the de facto industry instant messaging client, it will be BBM.

      Also, you can embed your text messaging contacts inside BBM so they are all in BBM, where you get BBM notifications.

      As for the mid-range Q5, I really am sort of put off by the fact that they are saying emerging markets. I want one in Canada.
    1. Supa_Fly's Avatar
      Supa_Fly -
      ^ great point Denny!
      2 main things BlackBerry will need to do - 1 HEAVY marketing on what BBM can really do and bring both immediately and in late 2013! (I honestly think BlackBerry should bring BBM Channels on multi-platform launch from day one! It's just too good to wait and waiting in this game means you've lost your market and audience)! Secondly is how to monetize without pissing users off!

      Emerging markets will have their own pricing models. BBM still uses BIS SOC - that hasn't changed even for BB10 devices (its necessary). Regarding BBM type social plans ... that CAN be supported ... there isn't anything in BB10 to restrict it since BBM uses the BB SOC for APN access - that will remain, just the pricing model will vary for every provider in each region where the Q5 will be available. BlackBerry has no control to set pricing on that; they can only advise which helps for success. We'll see how well that goes.

      DX3 you will NOT see the Q5 mentioned for North America ... it'll eat into sales of the Q10! prepaid plans and service providers will adjust their offerings for Q10/Z10 if not then users will need to save, put up the $$ immediately or wait, or decide their options.
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