• We need more power! our MugenPower Galaxy S4 extended battery review

    Like so many of us here, I grabbed the Samsung Galaxy S4 for many reasons:

    1. I was bored of my Nexus 4
    2. I liked my S3 back when I had it but wanted a bit more battery power
    3. refer to #1
    4. it was the new, must-have phone (that and the HTC One)

    I was truly hoping that the S4 would package in a 3000mah battery back when it was announced. On baited breath, I waited and waited and waited. Finally, as the S4 got closer to launch, rumors started flying around like seagulls being chased by my kid brother at the beach. Was it going to have a huge battery? Would it last me an entire day or even, gasp, MORE?

    Now we all know that the battery packaged with the S4 is 2600mah. That itself, is a fairly large battery, but I was convinced that it was already doomed to last me 1/2 a day at most. Pushing a 1080p screen, 13mp camera and a Quad-Core 1.9Ghz processor, as well as all the other Samsung accouterments they tend to package in. I wasn't so confident it would last me.

    Regardless, I bought the S4 anyway and put it through its paces. It did get me through my average day, but nowadays I have very low usage. I check bookface once in a while, Message on bookface messenger and use Google Reader, now Feedly, to check up on my news. Nothing too crazy compared to my usage a few years ago but I use data. I'm always using data. LTE juicy goodness.

    By the time I was ready to go home, I'd have 20-40% battery left on my average day, and that simply wasn't enough to get me through the evening. Tired of always trying to top it up during the Day, I turned my sights to the MugenPower Extended battery + door for the S4

    I knew full well it was going to take the S4's thin lines and bloat them up, but I didn't care. I wanted functionality over form. All these phones today are 8-10mm thick which is great, but I'd rather have a phone that is 12-14mm and stuff extra battery in there. Maybe that's just me, but I prefer phones that can just go and go and go.
    I went ahead and got the MugenPower battery. It's HUGE. 5500mah vs 2600mah so right away I knew, providing the battery would attain the charge capacity they were advertising and be 80% or more efficient, that battery would last me a day or more.

    It's also worth noting that the MugenPower battery will still allow NFC to work for those of you that were curious. I have tested it and it works fine so S-Beam away while everyone in the Tim Horton's looks at you funny.

    So, how does the battery compare?
    It's amazing. In my opinion it's worth the money.
    It easily lasts me the day and then some. Even on days when I'm hammering the phone with YouTube vids streaming and LTE hotspotting to my Nintendo 3DS XL to play Mario Kart 7 this battery easily dishes it out.
    The Rounded curved back also reminded me of my old Nokia 6160 TDMA phone. When I picked it up the first time I had a flashback to TDMA goodness and that stub antenna. It was just for a moment, but it was there.

    How I went about testing this battery is that I would screen capture at the end of my work shift (phone off the carger approx 7:45am and I'm done typically 8ish pm) on the stock battery vs the same work period the next week on the MugenPower battery. Here are the results:

    The first batch of pics are various days I worked with the standard battery:

    As you can see, I got through the day.
    The reality is that if I had gone out to meet up with friends for a coffee or a drink the phone was essentially "dead" for all intents and purposes, though because there isn't enough charge left to continue on in the evening.

    Now we take a look at the MugenPower battery under similar conditions:

    Clearly i'm getting a Huge bump in battery life as you can all see. Now we're talking. I can easily go the day and all night on this battery. In one image you can even see I went down to 5% to test it out and it had 1 Day, 10 hours, 17 Minutes, 8 Seconds ya... Whoa.

    If you can deal with a fat phone, then I say buy. Buy this battery and laugh at chargers in their face! Use your S4 as an LTE hotspot for 4 hours while playing Mario Kart 7 and still have battery left over for calls, bookface, messaging and YouTube.

    This battery rocks.

    So, How big really is the phone now?

    The nice thing about the huge battery is that it keeps the camera lens way, way off the table so you don't have to worry about scratching it.

    In closing the battery isn't cheap, listing at $89.50 US on their site, but in all honesty, if you're like me and just don't care about thin phones but want a phone that you can safely take away for a weekend and let it sit on the counter and not have to worry, I definitely recommend this battery.


    • Battery for days
    • no more charger syndrome
    • rounded back nice to hold
    • camera is now so far off the table it won't scratch

    It's HUGE
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    1. Groot's Avatar
      Groot -
      I vote huge.
      Battery life means more to me than style.
    1. tokyo_dom's Avatar
      tokyo_dom -
      I vote get a second OEM battery. I did the large battery thing for my last phone but it really does not go well with suit pants, and the inevitable mocking from other people was getting on my nerves.

      Now i just flip out the battery when i get to 5%
    1. tokyo_dom's Avatar
      tokyo_dom -
      I vote get a second OEM battery. I did the large battery thing for my last phone but it really does not go well with suit pants, and the inevitable mocking from other people was getting on my nerves.

      Now i just flip out the battery when i get to 5%
    1. Treatz's Avatar
      Treatz -
      Oddly enough my prox sensor was DOA. It worked the first time but when I'd pull my phone away from my face it would never light up the screen regardless of if I had the setting enabled or not.

      Ill see if this affected battery life accordingly and ammend review

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    1. Plazmic Flame's Avatar
      Plazmic Flame -
      You should try the Zero Lemon battery.
    1. mch's Avatar
      mch -
      Quote Originally Posted by Plazmic Flame View Post
      You should try the Zero Lemon battery.
      I am certainly very happy with my ZeroLemon battery for my Note 2.
    1. Treatz's Avatar
      Treatz -
      Jesus, that Zero Lemon battery is a monster!

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