• AT&T's 3G MicroCell Goes National

    I picked mine up this Morning, official launch was today here and it's fantastic. Call quality is so much better and no bouncing from 3G to EDGE. Solid 3G throughout my home.

    Anyone else getting one now?
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    1. KSMatic's Avatar
      KSMatic -
      I picked up mine and activated through att.com/microcell website. Now the thing is, if I'm downloading something heavy under my 8Mbps/1Mbps connection, I get service delays such as the other party hears a 2 second delay. Other issue that I got was cutting in and out, just like my usual network.

      If you decide to pick this up, make sure you put your MicroCell as Priority Network. (Put this first then use the "internet" port to connect to your computer.) With me, I did this but I still get this issue so it could be my network.

      For $150 dollars + tax for the unit alone or if you subscribe to their plan, this thing can cost you $50 dollars after a $100.00 Mail-in rebate. As for me, I called AT&T and actually complained about my reception being horrible for the last 6 years, they are going to reimburse me the $150 dollars that I've paid at the AT&T store.

      My network is at 15.80Mbps Down and 1.02 up... Its not my network, its probably the unit or my phone. I'll do more testing to see whats up.
    1. DRC72's Avatar
      DRC72 -
      Something is wrong with your broadband connection, because I'm using a 756DSL line and I barely run into that problem. And it is not set to priority.
    1. lorax1284's Avatar
      lorax1284 -
      I thought that even though this device basically takes your cell phone calls and routes them over the internet connection YOU pay for, AT&T STILL CHARGES YOU FOR AIRTIME. Is that correct? If so, it's another egregious AT&T RIP OFF.
    1. scottae316's Avatar
      scottae316 -
      @lorax1284, yes you get charged airtime unless you have either unlimited service or you purchase unlimited for MicroCell plan. It has a sweet feature, if you start a call at home through the MicroCell, you walk out the door and the call is handed off to the nearest tower it is still billed as a MicroCell call which means it is free. Sprint charges you a fee $5 fee for usage and it uses your minutes or $10 a month for a single line, $20 for multi-line households with unlimited minutes. Verizon charges no fee and you use your minutes and offers no option for unlimited usage. T-Mobile is said to be abandoning its wifi add on service totally. Verizon and Sprint's units do not support EVDO, AT&T's unit does support 3G but it counts against your data cap. So overall you can drop your VoIP or cable phone service and use only one phone and one number for everything. Some how I do not see this as "another egregious AT&T RIP OFF". If you need improved signal in your home and you don't have unlimited plan so you can get a corporate discount it seems the way to go.
    1. KSMatic's Avatar
      KSMatic -
      I doubt its my broadband, it could be the unit itself. I am going to exchange it tomorrow and see what happens
    1. sectime's Avatar
      sectime -
      Did you read the online troubleshooting PDF?? Its on the microcell website. I took mine back because I have Qwest DSL and there is a conflict with my modem. There are other modems/routers listed.
    1. homegeek's Avatar
      homegeek -
      I picked one up on Thursday and so far it seems to work great. With no monthly service fees it was worth taking a chance on.