• Froyo Coming to Motorola DROID July 13th?

    From Droid Life:

    "We just received word from one of our most reliable sources that the official Android 2.2 update will be hitting the Motorola Droid starting July 13th. I know, I know, here we go again right?"

    After the pain we all experienced with 2.1, it’s hard to even mention a rumored Froyo update date, but this one feels legitimate enough to share.

    Let me just toss out some thoughts as to why this could easily happen…

    More at Droid Life
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    1. Ph0z3's Avatar
      Ph0z3 -
      does this apply to us milestone users as well?

      is this release through the carrier, or from motorola?
    1. TeflonBilly's Avatar
      TeflonBilly -
      I want some sweet Froyo goodness.
    1. GigaBYT3's Avatar
      GigaBYT3 -
      Its July 13..Where is it?
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