• Who Needs a Custom ROM with GravityBox?

    As per yesterday's post, this Nexus 5 owner is now enjoying stock Android 4.4.2 Kitkat, with benefits.

    I've been hitherto spoiled by the privacy controls and other tweaks available via custom ROMs. Amazingly, most of this same functionality is available in a single Xposed Module; it's called GravityBox, and it's pretty great.

    Its utility is immediate and obvious; here are my favourite three features:

    1. Advanced Power Menu

    Grabbing a screen is easy enough with the power/volume down key combo; it's made even easier with GravityBox's power menu shortcut.

    I had previously thought that advanced power menu operations — reboot to bootloader, recovery or system, as shown above — were available via Kitkat's developer options. Apparently this isn't the case, but no matter... GravityBox has got my back.

    2. "Clear All" Menu Button

    Task killers for Android may be a thing of the past, but a "clear all" option for running apps is still nice to have. GravityBox lets you put the appropriate button in any of your screen's four corners — I put mine at the bottom-left.

    3. Deactivate "Safe Volume" Warning for Headset

    Yeah, thanks mom... I hate, hate, hate this stupid warning, and am very grateful that GravityBox gives me the ability to banish it forever.

    GravityBox can do so much more, like let you mute or dismiss an incoming call by turning over your device. What else can it do? Here's a quick cut and paste from its official listing at Xposed.info:

    • QuickSettings tile management with additional tiles and tile reordering
    • CyanogenMod Pie Controls
    • Lockscreen targets
    • Expanded desktop with semi-immersive and immersive modes
    • Lockscreen tweaks
    • Statusbar tweaks
    • Navigation bar tweaks
    • Power tweaks
    • Display tweaks
    • Media tweaks
    • Hardware key actions
    • Dialer tweaks
    • Launcher tweaks
    • Screen recording
    • and more!

    The module is available in separate versions for Kitkat and Jelly Bean-powered devices. To get it up and running you'll need root access plus the Xposed framework.

    For additional information:

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