• Highlights from Mobile Dynasty #10 - We Are All Getting Xposed

    I always enjoy a good podcast about mobile tech, and every so often a great one comes along. The 10th episode of Mobile Dynasty is definitely one of the great ones.

    The last time I brought Mobile Dynasty to these forums was with some unofficial show notes for Episode #7—which I thought did a fantastic job of demystifying the black art of custom Android ROM development. This latest installment is all about the Xposed Framework, another topic close to my heart.

    Since there are already show notes on the episode page consider this more of a highlight reel.

    Xposed is the Future

    If you're unclear about the Xposed Framework and what it does, think of it as a means to obtain all the extra features you'd find in a typical custom ROM without the ROM itself. It really is the future of Android modding, and co-host Ellis Owens spends some time talking about this.

    The simple fact is that custom ROMs require much more lead time for a new version of Android than an Xposed Module dedicated to a few specific functions. The slow roll-out of KitKat-based ROMs is offered as proof.

    Exchange This

    The first module discussed is Exchange Security Bypass, brought to the show by Josh Williams. If you work at an organization that uses Microsoft Exchange there's a good chance that the Exchange Server admin has the ability to remotely wipe your entire device. This module strips away that power. Nice.

    YA Privacy Option

    I'm all about denying sketchy permissions to Android Apps; the Mobile Dynasty crew taught me pretty much everything I know about this. I'm currently using AppOpsXposed on my devices, but Stephen McLaughlin brings another option to the table, XPrivacy. Based on the ensuing discussion (and this XDA thread) it looks like XPrivacy has a lot more fine grain control over what your apps can and can't access.

    Funny thing is, these Xposed Modules themselves require various permissions from your device. In the very near future I can foresee a need for a module that restricts permissions requested by other modules. Ow, my brain...

    Hear (and See) For Yourself

    Remember, this is only a highlight reel—there are lots of other modules discussed on the podcast. So I will once again direct you to the page where you can have a listen. Or subscribe. Or both!

    Mobile Dynasty is recorded using Google Hangouts, so you can watch the archived live recording on YouTube if you prefer:

    If my embedded timestamp didn't work the podcast proper starts at the 02:06 mark... Enjoy!

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