• SlimKat: My New Favourite ROM

    When last we left this Android flashaholic I had installed—and subsequently wiped—a new build of MIUI for tablets. Undaunted by the experience I headed over to XDA, where I found this list of available ROMs for my 2013 Nexus 7.

    The two tablet-friendly ROMs that I've used in the past—AOKP and Paranoid Android—are currently only available as nightly builds; both were fairly buggy on my device. Somewhere on reddit I heard about a KitKat version of Slim ROM. I've been using it all weekend on my Nexus 7, and liked it so much that I put it on my phone, too!

    Here's build 5 of SlimKat (a stable release) running on my Nexus 7. Right off the bat I knew this ROM would be a good fit for me; Nova Launcher is available by default, along with the very useful DashClock Widget.

    In fact, all the creature comforts of a good Android custom ROM are present and accounted for—customizable menus, control over app permissions, etc.

    One feature unique to Slim is the completely redesigned recent apps menu. Note how you can collapse or expand any of the thumbnails. Also note that there's no "clear-all" button like you'd find on other custom ROMs. This is a deliberate choice—from the team's site:

    We won't implement the clear all button because killing all apps is generally unnecessary and might even be bad for the overall performance. You can read more about it here.

    Another feature—one I seem to remember from an older version of AOKP—is an option to make Android's grey-ish backgrounds jet black, with what the Slim team calls "the real dark slim". Flip a toggle in the settings and you'll get black backgrounds in your recent apps menu (as seen above), a seksy black keyboard and, for some reason, a dark background on the Google Play Store.

    Here's SlimKat running on my Nexus 5. Earlier versions of Slim—like SlimBean for Android 4.3—gave you the ability to change your display density. This particular feature hasn't yet been baked into SlimKat; their recommended temporary fix is a simple root app available on the Play Store.

    Unfortunately I can't remember SlimKat's default PPI for the Nexus 5, but once I changed it to 480 it looked exactly like what I was used to on CyanogenMod and stock.

    I was actually having a few minor issues with Cyanogen on my Nexus 5, all of which went away as soon as I replaced it with SlimKat. I can't say for sure that this is the last ROM I'll ever flash, but for the moment I'm really happy with it.

    Hopefully you can find SlimKat for your Android device here...

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    1. jjarmasz's Avatar
      jjarmasz -
      SlimKat is really nice. I was using it recently on a Samsung Note II (which I have had to return to its owner since). I love the Dark Slim theme.

      You might like to take a look at CarbonROM. I'm running a custom build on my Samsung SGH-T699 (also with an AMOLED screen) so it might not fully reflect the official build, but basically Carbon looks like a mash-up of OmniROM + SlimKat (active notifications, OmniSwitcher if you like that, but also an all-black theme) and the settings menus look like CM11 (and you can pick the width of your quicksettings tiles). You can flash the black-themed Gapps from SlimKat onto Carbon if you want to push the all-black theming even further.
    1. acurrie's Avatar
      acurrie -
      There are black-themed GApps...?

    1. Tsepz_GP's Avatar
      Tsepz_GP -
      I once tried SlimBean on my Galaxy S2 and used it for about 2weeks in 2012, I enjoyed it, tempted to try SlimKat on my S4 but I find TW hard to leave as I use S Note a lot along with Multi window and some others.
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